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Multiple Positions at WuXi AppTec

Company:   WuXi AppTec
Location:  US and China
Posted:  2019-06-07

Please go to our career website: http://www.wuxiapptec.com/career_opportunities.html Contact Helen Sun at Helen_Sun@wuxiapptec.com for any question and job application. Job ID Job Title Location : Location 2019-5240 2020 Elite Program- Manufacturing Production Management Trainee CN-WuXi 2019-4892 ADME Director or Senior Director CN- 2018-4618 Administrative Assistant Intern US-CA-San Diego 2019-5065 Analytical Lab Assistant US-CA-San Diego 2019-4681 Analytical Science, Associate Director CN- 2019-4891 Assistant Director and above, Process Chemistry CN-Wuhan 2019-4689 Assistant Director -GMP Training CN- 2019-4668 Assistant Director/ Director of GMP Manufacturing CN- 2019-4678 Assistant Director/Associate Director, Biophysical and Forensic, Protein Analytical Sciences CN- 2019-4693 Assistant Director/Associate Director/Director of project management CN- 2019-5174 Assistant Director/Associate Director/Director of project management CN-Shanghai 2019-4921 Assistant Director/Associate Director/Director, Media & Process Platform Development CN-Shanghai 2019-4738 Assistant/Associate Director - Project Management CN- 2018-4002 Assistant/Associate Director (Project Management) CN-Shanghai 2019-4677 Assistant/Associate Director, Stability, Analytical Sciences CN- 2019-4895 Associate Animal Care Technician US-MN-St. Paul 2019-5147 Associate Animal Care Technician US-MN-St. Paul 2019-5158 Associate Chemistry Specialist US-MN-St. Paul 2019-5032 Associate Commercial Manager I US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-4663 Associate Director (Project Management) CN- 2019-4973 Associate Director Business and Project Management US-CA-San Diego 2019-4928 Associate Director Procurement US-PA-Philadelphia 2018-4153 Associate Director, Oligonucleotide CN- 2019-5213 Associate Director, Portfolio Management US- 2019-4826 Associate Director, Sales Operations, Contracts and Proposals US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-4684 Associate Director/ Director in Microbiology CN- 2018-4114 Associate Director/Director, Downstream Development CN- 2019-4796 Associate Director/Director, Oligonucleotide Operations Head CN-Shanghai 2019-4718 Associate Director/Director, Process Technology Expert CN- 2018-4000 Associate Director/Director/Sr. Director, Cell Culture CN- 2018-4001 Associate Director/Director/Sr. Director, Purification CN- 2019-5137 Associate Facilities Technician US-MN-St. Paul 2019-5120 Associate Laboratory Technician US-MN-St. Paul 2019-5121 Associate Laboratory Technician US-MN-St. Paul 2019-5122 Associate Laboratory Technician US-MN-St. Paul 2019-5216 Associate Logistics Coordinator US-MN-St. Paul 2019-5218 Associate Manager, Data Management US- 2019-5050 Associate Metrology Technician US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-4812 Associate Principal Scientist - Upstream Process Development US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-4824 Associate Principal Scientist - Upstream Process Development US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-5170 Associate Principal Scientist II - Downstream Process Development US-PA-Philadelphia 2018-4330 Associate Principal Scientist-Vector Development Team Lead US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-4955 Associate Project Manager-Biologics CMC Leadership Training Program US-MA-Cambridge 2019-4940 Associate Quality Assurance Specialist US-MN-St. Paul 2019-5005 Associate Research Scientist - Cell Potency US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-5038 Associate Sample Coordinator US-MN-St. Paul 2019-5239 Associate Sample Coordinator US-GA-Marietta, Georgia 2018-3946 Associate Scientific Director US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-5052 Associate Scientist US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-5197 Associate Scientist US-Philadelphia 2019-5200 Associate Scientist US-Philadelphia 2019-5229 Associate Scientist US-Philadelphia 2019-5051 Associate Scientist – Molecular Biology US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-5133 Associate Scientist Analytical Chemistry US-CA-San Diego 2019-4790 Associate Scientist II US-NJ-Plainsboro 2019-4987 Associate Scientist II LCMS US-NJ-Plainsboro 2019-4930 Associate Scientist III US-NJ-Plainsboro 2019-5155 Associate Scientist Tuesday - Saturday 1st shift US-PA-Philadelphia 2018-4044 Associate Scientist/Study Director-InVitro/Virology US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-5257 Associate Warehouse Coordinator US-Philadelphia 2019-5258 Associate Warehouse Coordinator, Overnight Shift US-Philadelphia 2018-4108 Auditing QA Associate Director CN- 2019-4707 B Cell and NGS Senior Scientist/Assistant Director CN- 2019-4697 Biologics formulation scientist CN- 2019-5145 Biology Associate Director CN-Shanghai 2019-4969 Biology Intern US-CA-San Diego 2018-4163 Biostatistician I CN-Shanghai 2019-5054 Business Development Director US-MN-St. Paul 2019-5252 Business Development Director CN-Jinshan District Shanghai 2019-5072 Business Development Manager EU US- 2018-4407 Business Development Manager West Coast Biologics US-CA-San Diego 2019-5228 Business Development Manager, Biologics US (Based in Boston Area) US- 2019-5058 Client Support Administrator US-MN-St. Paul 2019-5042 Clinical Data Manager II (Future Projects) US- 2018-4165 Clinical Research Associate I CN-Shanghai 2019-5103 Clinical Research Associate II - Inpatient Experience Required US- 2019-4931 Clinical Research Associate(Complex Trial/Inpatient Experience) - Future Projects US-TX-Austin 2018-4542 CMO, Head of Medical for WuXi Diagnostic CN-Shanghai 2019-5063 Commercial Services Manager US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-5232 Computational Intern DEL US-MA-Cambridge 2019-4679 Computer System Specialist CN- 2019-5210 Controller US-MN-St. Paul 2019-5198 Corporate Development Associate US-CA-San Diego 2019-4948 CSQ Global Function Team Leader CN-Shanghai 2018-4434 Data Science Director CN-Shanghai 2019-5139 Director Biochemistry US-NJ-Plainsboro 2019-5079 Director Business Development RSD US- 2019-5211 Director Corporate Development US-CA-Palo Alto 2018-3628 Director for Large Molecular Bioanalysis CN-Shanghai 2019-4947 Director level or above, Biologics Discovery – Immunology Group CN-Shanghai 2019-5247 Director of Commercial Project Management CN-Jinshan District Shanghai 2019-4756 Director of GMP Cell Banking CN-Shanghai 2018-4260 Director of Manufacturing Compliance at WuXi Manufacturing Site CN- 2019-5249 Director of Manufacturing Technology CN-Jinshan District Shanghai 2019-5245 Director of Process Analytics Service (PAS) CN- 2019-5135 Director Strategy Support UK- 2019-5243 Director to Executive Director of Process Research & Development CN-Jinshan District Shanghai 2018-3722 Director Virology US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-5029 Director, Bioinformatics US-MA-Cambridge 2019-4797 Director, Oligonucleotide Process Development and Manufacturing CN-Shanghai 2019-4798 Director, Peptide Process Development and Manufacturing CN-Shanghai 2019-5008 Director/Sr. Director, Peptide Process Development CN-Jinshan District Shanghai 2018-4191 DMPK Study Director CN- 2018-4133 Elite program—Biotech Manufacturing CN- 2018-4134 Elite Program—Project Management CN- 2019-5219 Executive Assistant / Office Manager US-TX-Austin 2019-4767 Executive Director/Vice President, Global Process Development CN-Shanghai 2018-4432 Gene Therapy Leader, Associate Director/Director CN-Shanghai 2019-4682 Global Compliance Officer CN- 2019-4680 Group Leader I/II, Assistant/Associate Director CN- 2018-4392 Group Leaders for Recombinant Proteins Production CN-Shanghai 2019-5251 Head of China Business Development CN- 2019-5230 Histologist US-MN-St. Paul 2018-4088 Immuno-chemistry Principal Investigator CN-Shanghai 2019-4708 Innovative Drug Pre-clinical Development Senior Director/Executive Director CN- 2018-3998 Inside Sales Associate US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-5253 Intellectual Property Senior Manager CN-Jinshan District Shanghai 2019-5195 Intern US-CA-San Diego 2019-5196 Intern US-CA-San Diego 2019-5220 IT Specialist- San Diego Office US- 2019-5110 IT Systems Administrator and Compliance US-NJ-Plainsboro 2019-5167 Lab Technician II Monday - Friday 2nd shift US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-5095 Laboratory Technician US-GA-Marietta, Georgia 2018-4582 Laboratory Technician I US-PA-Philadelphia 2018-4584 Laboratory Technician I US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-5241 Laboratory Technician I US-Philadelphia 2019-5059 Laboratory Technician II US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-5217 Laboratory Technician II US-Philadelphia 2019-5242 Laboratory Technician II US-Philadelphia 2019-5193 Laboratory Technician III US-Philadelphia 2019-5194 Laboratory Technician III US-Philadelphia 2019-5236 Laboratory Technician III US-Philadelphia 2019-5009 Laboratory Technician, Environmental Monitoring US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-5146 Lead Animal Care Technician US-MN-St. Paul 2019-4950 Manager Business Development RSD US- 2019-5101 Manager InLife Testing Service US-MN-St. Paul 2019-5180 Manager Microbiology US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-5142 Manager, Client Support US-MN-St. Paul 2019-5148 Manufacturing Associate I US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-5154 Manufacturing Associate I US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-5169 Manufacturing Associate I US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-5190 Manufacturing Associate I US-Philadelphia 2019-5233 Manufacturing Associate I US-Philadelphia 2019-4985 Manufacturing Associate III US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-5003 Manufacturing Associate III US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-5004 Manufacturing Associate III US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-5088 Manufacturing Associate III US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-5149 Manufacturing Associate III US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-5191 Manufacturing Associate III US-Philadelphia 2018-4003 Manufacturing Engineer CN- 2019-4724 Manufacturing Support Services Manager US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-5250 Marketing Assistant Director/Associate Director/Director CN-Jinshan District Shanghai 2019-5070 Marketing Specialist US- 2019-5113 Materials Planner US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-4857 Oligo/Peptide Business Development Manager US- 2018-4642 Oncology Clinical Research Associate - Future Projects US-TX-Austin 2018-4211 Peptide Senior Scientist CN-Shanghai 2019-4703 Phage Display Senior Scientist/Associate Director CN- 2019-4938 Pilot Plant Operator US-CA-San Diego 2019-4994 Principal Scientist - Analytical Development, Virology US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-5099 Procurement Operations Assistant US-CA-San Diego 2018-4319 Product Director - Gene Therapy US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-4688 Project Coordinator- QC/Project Integration Group CN- 2018-3791 Project Engineer CN- 2019-4696 Project Management Specialist/ Senior specialist CN- 2019-5175 Project management Specialist/Sr. Specialist CN-Shanghai 2018-4086 Project Manager CN-Shanghai 2019-5161 Project Manager - WuXi Clinical San Diego Office US-TX-Austin 2019-5108 Project Manager I (Oncology Focused) US-TX-Austin 2019-5109 Project Manager II (Oncology Focused) US-TX-Austin 2019-5238 Project Manager-Biologics CMC Leadership Training Program US-MA-Cambridge 2019-5044 QA Raw Material Coordinator US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-4683 QC- Analyst of AST CN- 2019-5130 QC Assay Development Senior Manager/ Director CN-WuXi 2019-4672 QC Biochemistry Group Leader CN- 2019-5248 QC Project Management Analyst CN-Jinshan District Shanghai 2019-5187 Quality Assurance Compliance Specialist US-Philadelphia 2019-4661 Quality Assurance Senior Auditor US-Philadelphia 2019-5226 Quality Control Associate I US-NJ-Plainsboro 2019-4923 Quality Systems Specialist US-Philadelphia 2019-5152 Research Associate US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-5201 Research Associate - Analytical Development, Cell Potency US-Philadelphia 2019-4866 Research Associate - Analytical Development, Molecular US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-5166 Research Associate I US-CA- 2019-4897 Research Associate I/II US-CA-San Diego 2019-4773 Research Associate II US-CA-San Diego 2019-4905 Research Associate II US-CA-San Diego 2019-4966 Research Scientist I US-NJ-Plainsboro 2018-3853 Returnee recruiting general post --Upload CV for potential opportunities CN-Shanghai 2019-5188 Sample Coordinator US-Philadelphia 2019-5056 Scientific Fellow - Process Development US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-4986 Scientist US-NJ-Plainsboro 2019-5164 Scientist US-CA-San Diego 2019-5205 Scientist US-Philadelphia 2019-5206 Scientist US-Philadelphia 2019-5204 Scientist - Process Development, Cell Line Development US-Philadelphia 2019-5068 Scientist - Process Development, Cell Therapy US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-4674 Scientist – Protein Characterization, Analytical Sciences CN- 2019-4669 Scientist / Senior Scientist – Therapeutic Biologics Bioassay Development CN- 2019-4699 Scientist / Senior Scientist of Downstream Process Development CN- 2019-5177 Scientist / Senior Scientist of Downstream Process Development CN-Shanghai 2019-4700 Scientist / Senior Scientist of proteins purification in proteins science CN- 2019-5178 Scientist / Senior Scientist of proteins purification in proteins science CN-Shanghai 2019-4899 Scientist I/II US-CA-San Diego 2019-4772 Scientist II US-CA-San Diego 2019-5163 Scientist Monday - Friday 2nd shift US-PA-Philadelphia 2018-4112 Scientist/ Engineer, MSAT Upstream Process CN-Shanghai 2019-4709 Scientist/ Senior Scientist, Antibody Discovery (HTS) CN- 2019-4705 Scientist/ Senior Scientist, Biologics Discovery – Immunology Group CN- 2019-4671 Scientist/Senior Scientist - Stability CN- 2019-4706 Scientist/Senior Scientist of AB Library Construction and Selection CN- 2019-4704 Scientist/Senior Scientist of Functional Assays (Oncology Group) CN- 2019-5207 Senior Administrative Assistant US- 2018-4212 Senior Analytical Scientist CN-Shanghai 2019-5165 Senior Clinical Data Manager - San Diego Office US-TX-Austin 2018-4355 Senior Commercial Manager US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-4702 Senior Competitive Intelligence Analyst, Biologics Discovery CN- 2019-5071 Senior CRM Manager US- 2019-5069 Senior Digital Marketing Manager US- 2019-4962 Senior Director /DMPK Senior Advisor US-MA-Cambridge 2019-5028 Senior Director Biology US-MA-Cambridge 2019-5183 Senior Director of Marketing US- 2019-5141 Senior Director of MD, Oncologist US-TX-Austin 2019-4722 Senior Director of Oncology CN-Shanghai 2019-5246 Senior Director to Executive Director of Analytical R&D CN-Jinshan District Shanghai 2018-4097 Senior Director, Microbiology and Environmental Monitoring, Quality Control CN-WuXi 2019-4795 Senior Director/Executive Director/VP, Head of Oligonucleotide Business CN-Shanghai 2019-5046 Senior Laboratory Technician US-PA-Philadelphia 2018-4307 Senior Laboratory Technician - Remote Viral Clearance US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-4675 Senior Manager, Project Management, Analytical Sciences CN- 2019-5001 Senior Manufacturing Associate US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-5002 Senior Manufacturing Associate US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-5150 Senior Manufacturing Associate US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-4954 Senior Network Administrator US-PA-Philadelphia 2018-4199 Senior or Principal Scientist CN-Shanghai 2018-4152 Senior Process Engineer CN- 2018-4028 Senior Project Manager CN-Shanghai 2018-4351 Senior Project Manager US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-5215 Senior Research Associate - Analytical Development, Molecular US-Philadelphia 2019-4686 Senior Scientist US-CA-San Diego 2019-4912 Senior Scientist US-NJ-Plainsboro 2019-5089 Senior Scientist US-CA-San Diego 2018-4084 Senior scientist / Principal Scientist, Oncology and Immunology CN-Shanghai 2018-4113 Senior Scientist III/IV, Downstream Development CN- 2019-5172 Senior Scientist III/IV, Protein Analytical Sciences CN-Shanghai 2019-5244 Senior Scientist of Analytical (Process Analytical and Formulation Analytical) CN- 2019-4701 Senior Scientist of Cell Culture Process Development CN- 2019-5179 Senior Scientist of Cell Culture Process Development CN-Shanghai 2019-4692 Senior Scientist of Cell Line Development CN- 2019-4922 Senior Scientist of Cell Line Development CN-Shanghai 2019-5173 Senior Scientist of Cell Line Development CN-Shanghai 2018-3768 Senior Scientist of Process Research & Development (PRD) CN- 2019-4676 Senior Scientist, Analytical Sciences CN- 2019-4662 Senior Scientist, Microbiology CN- 2018-4085 Senior Scientist, Oncology and Immunology CN-Shanghai 2019-4762 Senior Scientist/ Principal Scientist, Chemistry CN-Shanghai 2018-3794 Senior Scientist--Formulation Development CN- 2019-5041 Senior Statistician US-TX-Austin 2018-4105 Site AIS Head (Automation & Information Management System) CN- 2019-5182 Social Media PR Corporate Communications Manager US- 2018-3870 Sr. Scientist /Group Leader, Peptide and Oligos Analysis CN- 2019-4888 Sr. Scientist/Group Leader, Oligonucleotide CN- 2019-4887 Sr. Scientist/Group Leader, Peptide Process Research & Development CN- 2019-5208 Staff Scientist III US-NJ-Plainsboro 2019-5227 Summer Intern US- 2019-5092 Supervisor – Molecular Biology US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-4996 Supervisor Manufacturing US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-5033 Supervisor of Logistics US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-5060 Talent Acquisition Partner US-CA-San Diego 2019-5160 Technical Data Reviewer US-GA-Marietta, Georgia 2019-5011 Technical Data Specialist US-MN-St. Paul 2019-4999 Technical Operations Specialist II US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-5140 Technical Operations Specialist II US-PA-Philadelphia 2019-4690 Training Associate Director of Training Centre CN- 2019-4691 Upstream Training Manager CN- 2019-5078 Validation Specialist US-PA-Philadelphia 2018-4621 Vice President, Business Development and Marketing US- 2019-5097 Virus Production Supervisor US-PA-Philadelphia 2018-4360 VP, CSO, R&D Head for WuXi Diagnostic CN-Shanghai

How to apply

Please contact Helen Sun: Helen_Sun@wuxiapptec.com