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Xiaojie Chen  
Business Development Manager
TargeMol Chemicals
2020 - present Business Development Manager, TargetMol Chemicals, Wellesley Hills, MA

2018 - 2020 District Sales Manager, MedChemExpress LLC, Monmouth Junction, NJ

2017 - 2017 Sales Manager, Selleck Chemicals, LLC, Houston, TX

2014 - 2016 Vice President/Principal Scientist, Gateway Biotechnology, Inc, Rootstown, OH

2009 - 2013 Associate Researcher, University of California, San Francisco, CA

1999 - 2009 Assistant Researcher, University of California, San Francisco, CA
Prior CABS Service
Election Statement
weixing chen  陈卫星
with biomedical training background both in China and USA
worked in different industries from VC to HighTech
passionate about community based or professinal-affiliated non-profit cause
active in cross border culture and hightech excahnge
personable and open minded
Prior CABS Service
CASPA executive director for PR and corporate partnership
Election Statement
participated many CABS events before and like it's high quality and professionalism
worked with CABS organization and its leadership in 2020 on PPE donation successfully
it's a new time for humankind to focus on health and biotech so CABS function to bridge knowledge, expertise and skills among the industry and academics professionals
like to be part of the people with same value and vision
bring my organization skills, professionalism and networking expereince to CABS colleagues
Xi Fang  
Managing Partner
Button Capital
Dr. Xi Fang is a co-founder and CEO of Button US, an investment corporation that focuses on Biotech, MedTech and Digital Health.
Dr. Xi Fang is a founding member of Huami US, which is a cloud-based healthcare services provider with world-leading smart wearable technology. Huami was founded in 2014 and went public on NYSE in early 2018. The revenue reported in 2020 was over 1 billion USD.
Before transitioning to an entrepreneur, Xi Fang had worked for Google for many years.
Xi Fang was a researcher with over 40 publications and 6000 citations. Xi Fang received four best paper awards, and one of his first-author papers has been cited over 3000.
Prior CABS Service
Election Statement
Guanghui Han  韩广辉
Senior Director
BGI Americas Corp.
Dr. Guanghui Han‘s research focus is on developing cutting-edge methods and platforms for protein therapeutics characterization with Mass spectrometry.
Dr. Han is currently the Senior Director of Mass Spectrometry Center in San Jose at BGI Americas Corporation. Dr. Han obtained his PhD degree from Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. During his PhD study, Dr. Han has developed novel techniques and methods for cancer biomarkers discovery by LC-MS/MS based protein phosphorylation analysis at both large-scale proteome level and individual protein level. Dr. Han received his post-doctoral training at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Dr. Gerald Hart’s group. His research was focused on understanding the role of O-GlcNAcylation in disease, a modification discovered in the Hart lab, and specifically worked on methods for enrichment and detection of the modification in kinases and their roles in the crosstalk between glycosylation and phosphorylation. In 2014, Dr. Han joined Genentech Inc, where his role as a scientific manager was to develop and apply MS based technologies for characterization of therapeutic molecules, including bispecific antibodies, fusion proteins, PEG-Fab conjugates, antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) et al., and especially developed new analytical techniques for interrogating non-covalent protein-ligand interactions, MHC complex, membrane protein complexes and other large molecule complexes. In 2018, Dr. Han helped found the Mass Spectrometry Center in San Jose at BGI Americas Corporation to provide high quality Mass Spec service for customers with a special focus on developing cutting-edge methods and platforms for protein therapeutics characterization with state-of-the-art Mass Spectrometers.
Dr. Guanghui Han has published more than 40 papers in a variety of international journals, including Nature, Molecular cell, Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, Analytical Chemistry, mAbs, et al, with over 3,000 citations.
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Hesong Han  韩鹤松
uc Berkeley
4 th year CABS
Prior CABS Service
Election Statement
Weijie Lan  
Senior Director
Walking Fish Therapeutics
Dr. Weijie Lan received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. He completed postdoctoral training with Dr. Don Cleveland at UCSD/Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research. Moving to the industry, Weijie joined the iPSC engineering team of Fate Therapeutics. Then he was recruited to Abbvie, joining its founding team of the Oncolytic Virus and CAR-T Cell Therapy unit. Thereafter Weijie was recruited to Walking Fish Therapeutics where he serves as Senior Director of Cell Engineering.
Weijie is a co-inventor of Fate Therapeutics’ foundational iPSC engineering patent. He has contributed to the IND-enabling preclinical development of multiple cell therapy programs. While in academic research, Weijie co-authored scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals including Cell, Science, and Nature Genetics.
Prior CABS Service
2019-2021, Science and technology committee
2020-2021, Alliance management committee
Election Statement
I appreciate the efforts of CABS to build and develop the Chinese-American Biotech and Biopharma community and would like to contribute the growth of CABS and its services to our community.
Ge Lin  林鸽
executive search consultant
Jiusheng Inc
I received my BS of Biochemistry in Purdue University in 2016 and MPH of Biostatistics in NYU in 2018. I was a biostatistician in Johnson & Johnson department of epidemiology real-world data. Now I worked as an executive search consultant in an HR consulting firm.
Prior CABS Service
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Danielle Liu  刘丹
Sr. Partner
Danielle Liu

Based in San Francisco Bay Area, Danielle Liu is a well-rounded Human Resources Advisor and business leader with global and cross-function, multi-sector experiences. A Lifetime learner with strong curiosity and entrepreneur spirit. Danielle also provides executive assessment & leadership development consulting, and accelerated integration support to executives transitioning to new roles.

Danielle has more than 20 years of experience in transnational human resource management, helping industries such as internet finance, healthcare, banking, retail and supply chain. She has special expertise in building and leading top-performing teams, turning around troubled organizations, and establishing HR functions from scratch, as well as establishing HR global platform, particular leading the development and business landing of Chinese companies in North America, and helping them become public.

In recent years, Danielle was the Vice President of Human Resources at Vcredit Group, and helped the company successfully get listed in the Hong Kong Stock Market. She was also the former Director of Human Resources in Asia at Home Depot and the Human Resources Director at Deutsche Bank China. Furthermore, she served in Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies like Eli Lilly and Merck, taking on various leadership roles in Human resources.

Born and raised in China, Danielle graduated from the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) and holds a master's degree in business administration. She speaks fluent Chinese and English. The mother of three children, she is passionate about family, friends, and travel. Danielle also does volunteer work helping new graduated college students for their career development.

“I really believe that leadership is a journey, and my passion is helping leaders unlock their unique potential, build teams, and pilot organizations.”
Prior CABS Service
Election Statement
As an HR professional, who thrives in high-pressure and fast-paced situations, I strive for positive results through the application of my human resources operational abilities, such as recruiting, compensation and benefits, labor laws and regulations, employee assistance and safety, employee relations, risk management and business continuity/disaster recovery etc. Additionally, I possess expertise in process improvement and an aptitude for optimizing performance and motivating others. In any position, I am able to visualize success and identify innovative and effective strategies for achieving it.

Although I have many years of experience in transnational human resource management, helping industries such as internet finance, healthcare, banking, retail and supply chain, and I also enjoy this kind of work, I have begun to shift my focus to family and children in the past two years. I hope to spend more time with our three children to grow up. Then my family settled in Pleasanton, where my husband and I believe our children can learn and grow healthy and happy here. I expected to channel my energies into finding ways to support the community and talents in Bio/Pharmaceutical society.
Lu Lu  陆璐
Director of Business Development
WuXi AppTec
Lu received her master in Biochemical Engineering from Auburn University in 2013. After working in a few biotech startups, she joined WuXi AppTec in 2017 and now serving as Director of Business Development based in Bay Area.
Lu has been an active member or volunteer in many local bay area communities and events, including CABS, PBSS, NorCal SOT and AAPS Bay Area Group. She has served as secretary and chair elect in AAPS bay area group in the past a few years.
Prior CABS Service
-Volunteered in 4 CABS’s annual BioPacific Conference since 2018
-EC member of Alliance Management Group in 2018
-Volunteered in multiple CABS events
Election Statement
I have been an active member, volunteer and advocate of CABS since knowing this community. Impressed by how passionate the team is and how wonderful the events have been, I am hoping to also contribute and engage further by joining the 2022 EC and volunteer group.
Liping Meng  
Senior Research Scientist
Gilead Sciences
Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, University of Tuebingen, Germany
M.S., Organic Chemistry, Central China Normal University, China
B.S. Chemistry, Central China Normal University, China

Senior Research Scientist , Gilead Sciences
Senior Chemist, AnaSpec
Postdoctoral Researcher, University of California at Davis

Awards and professional affiliations:
• Key Contributor Award at Gilead Sciences
• Member of The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS)
• Member of American Chemical Society
• Member of CABS
Prior CABS Service
She has been serving in CABS committees since 2011, including as Co-chair of Membership Committee 2015-2017 and Co-chair of Business and Career Development Committee 2018-2021.
Election Statement
“As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.” I would like to take this election opportunity to continue to build strong platform for CABS members, interact with our members, and greatly contribute to the growth of CABS.
Suping Ren  
Lab manager
I am a lab manager in infectious disease department of J&J. I have over 10 years of pharmaceutical experience specializing in infectious disease research. I have been a member and serving CABS since 2019.
Prior CABS Service
EC member for Public Relation and Social life
Election Statement
I would like to continue serving CABS.
Jessica Sun  孙涤非
ORIC Pharmaceuticals
MD/BS in Clinical Medicine at China Medical University, China in 1994; PhD in Medical Sciences at Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, Japan in 2002;

After 2.5 years’ postdoctoral training at Stanford University School of Medicine, I have started my industrial career as a research scientist in biotech companies since 2005. I am currently a director of In Vivo Pharmacology at ORIC Pharmaceuticals, a company focusing on discovering, developing, and commercializing innovative therapies that address cancer resistance.
An AACR member for 15+ years;
Boy Scouts of America (2011-2020):
• Wood Badge Award, the highest level of adult Scout leadership program: 2017
• Chair, Fundraising Committee (2015-2019)
Details also at
• Proud Mom of Eagle Scout
Prior CABS Service
• Member, 2021 BioPacific Organizing Committee (2021)
• Advisor (2016 & 2017)
• Co-Chair, Business and Career Development Committee (2015)
• Co-Chair, Science and Technology Committee (2014)
• Co-Chair, Social Life Committee (2012 & 2013)
Election Statement
I am very excited to be bck to CABS. In the past 10 years, I have seen the growth of this organization and I greatly appreciate all our volunteers to make CABS bigger, stronger, and better. I would like to join you and work with you to serve our community.
Kay Tong  
Senior Director Quality Assurance
Apollomics Inc.
Over 20 years of management experience in Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices companies including areas of Research, Manufacturing, Quality Control, and Quality Assurance. Implemented global policies and programs which have resulted in successful regulatory inspections and approvals. I was a founding member or Gilead's Asian Interest Network (GAIN) and as well as a mentor. I am also a mentor with Healthcare Businesswomen Association (HBA).
Prior CABS Service
Election Statement
I would like to participate in mentoring and by providing tools to help network and mentor others in their career. The tools that I have developed have enabled pervious mentees of mine to pivot into new career directions, promotions as well as salary negotiations.
Yan Wang  王燕
Director, Peptide Chemistry
2015- present, Director, Peptide Chemistry
2011-2015, CS Bio, Team leader
2010 – 2011, Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University
2006 – 2010, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California at Davis
Prior CABS Service
2019-2021, EC member, PRC
Election Statement
It is an excellent opportunity to work with CABS EC team to promote communications and collaborations in life science at bay area. I would like to have the opportunity to continue serving CABS and contribute my time and effort to the coming events at 2022.
Li Wang  王莉
Associate Scientist
BS in clinical examination ChongQing Pharmaceutical College

Arcus( Sample Bank)
Prior CABS Service
Social life
Election Statement
Social life co-chair
Michael Xie  
Sales Rep
My name is Michael Xie. I received my Ph.D. in chemistry from Washington University in St. Louis. After two years of postdoctoral training, I started my career in pharmaceutical industry, most recently at Novartis and Teledyne ISCO (Pharmaceutical instrumentation). With a keen interest in biotech community, I started to volunteer about 13 years ago. Prior to join CABS four years ago, I had been with Sino-American Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Professional Association (SABPA) in San Diego. I volunteered hours in my spare time in social events and photography groups, helping to organize numerus successful events and making contributions to newsletters with event photos. After I moved to Bay Area, one of the largest biotech professional organizations that caught my attention is CABS. I have been doing volunteer jobs since then as an EC member in Public Relation & Communication Committee and very recently as a co-chair in Social Life Committee (SLC), involving extensively in successful activities such as taking event photos, recruiting speakers and fund raising for CABS’s Annual BioPacific Conference, organizing Chinese New Year Party, annual dragon boat race, summer BBQ events and assisting the organization of virtual activities during pandemic, etc. I was deeply pleased and honored to receive the outstanding service award in 2018.

I am applying and willing to continue to serve as an EC member for the upcoming term. Organizing activities is kind of challenging during pandemic. With my volunteering experience, enthusiasm and dedication, working together with other volunteers, I am sure we can make CABS a leading, greater and most valuable professional organization in biotech community in Bay Area.
Prior CABS Service
Election Statement
Yu Yang  杨宇
Hanhai Silicon Valley Center
Yu Yang

Master of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

CEO of Hanhai Silicon Valley Center, responsible for the management and operation of Hanhai Life Science Park and Hanhai Technology Science Park

Expert of technology incubator operation, invested in or incubated life science unicorns, life science incubator, and life science funds.
Prior CABS Service
Hanhai Life Science Park is a member of CABS. As part of Hanhai, I have previously participated in the following works: assisting CABS in preparing for activities in the Hanhai Life Science Park; Participating in the CABS annual meeting; Participating in the dragon boat race as a teammate of CABS.
Election Statement
I hope to collaborate with everyone and contribute to the organization. I have rich experience in cooperating with external organizations and enterprises. I wish I can get more support for CABS.
At the same time, I am looking forward to communicating with the members of CABS and improving my cognition and ability in the field of life sciences.
Xiang Yi  
Senior Scientist
Prior CABS Service
Science&Technology Committee co-chair
Election Statement
Maggie Zhou  
Associate Scientist
I am currently working at Grail as an associate scientist. I got my Master degree in Biological Science and have been working in life science area for more than 20 years. Previously, I worked at Stanford University and Illumina.
Prior CABS Service
I have been a member of Alliance Management Committee (AMC) since 2018 and a member of Business and career development since 2020. I have serviced for BioPacific Conference 2018 - 2021, and CABS Job Fair in 2021. I also helped with other CABS events as a volunteer.
Election Statement
CABS is the largest and most active Chinese biopharmaceutical association in Northern America. They serve the biopharmaceutical community at bay area, and promote US-Sino collaborations in life sciences. I have had very happy experiences to serve CABS for the past years. Here I would like to elect CABS Executive Council (EC) to continually support CABS, to provide valuable services to CABS events, and fulfill the mission of collaboration within the US-Sino life sciences industry.
Sihong zhou  周思红
Sutro BioPharma
Graduated from Shanghai Medical School ( Fudan University). Had more than 20 years' working experience in earlier drug discovery. Strong initiation and problem-solving skill. I had worked at bio/pharmaceutical companies such as Genentech, Exelixis. Currently, I am working at Sutro Biopharma as a scientist for 7 years. I have won many awards related to my professional jobs such as 2011 Spot Award to Recognize Excellent Performance at Sea Lane Biotechnologies; Exelixis Excellence Award for year 2007, 2008 and 2009. When serving at CABS, I won 2019 Extraordinary Leadership Award and 2014 Excellence Award.
Prior CABS Service
Total 11 years as a member/volunteer. Had worked in O2 for 2 years and Social life for 5 years. When working at O2 as the chair, I assisted president’s work and interact with other committees to streamline CABS workflow. I organized EC meetings on monthly or quarterly base and summarized each EC meetings and sent out meeting minutes to all EC members. I organized EC end-of-year celebration. I Organized online EC retreat and team building online event. I was responsible for ordering business cards for presidents and co-chairs. When I was social life committee co-chair, I organized Chinese New Year Party, Summer BBQ and transition meetings.
Election Statement
CABS is a great organization that provides not only networking opportunity for the professionals, but also offers resources and expertise in a wide spectrum of technologies. I have serviced as O2 Chiar for 2 years and Social life committee cochair for 5 years. I had gained great experience on organizing CABS events, and same time developed my leadership skill. It would be my honor to continue to serve in this organization. Working together with other team members, I believe we will make future CABS well known not only locally, but also internationally.
Huijun Zhou  周慧君
Distinguished Career Fellow
Stanford University
Dr. Huijun Zhou received her PhD in molecular biology and genetics from Cornell University and completed her post-doctoral medical genetics training at Stanford University School of Medicine. She is a clinical molecular geneticist and board-certified by the American Board of Medical Genetics.
Huijun is an experienced biotech entrepreneur and executive. Previously she worked as a research scientist and executive at Incyte Pharmaceuticals and DNA Direct in Silicon Valley. She was the founder and CEO of iDNA Inc, a precision medicine company. iDNA Inc. was named as one of the fastest growing technology companies in China by Deloitte and was acquired by a public company. Huijun has cofounded and advised several biotech startups in Silicon Valley and mentored many young first-time entrepreneurs.
Prior CABS Service
Entrepreneurship & Investment Club Program Chair
Election Statement
I would like to continue to serve at Entrepreneurship Club, and help the entrepreneurs and investors in the CABS community to succeed.
Ning (Jack) Zhu  朱宁
Head of business development and marketing
Analytical Biosciences Inc.
Ning (Jack) Zhu joined Analytical Biosciences Company in April 2021 and is currently the head of business development and marketing. In this role, he represents the company in outbound business development activities and is in charge of promotion the company within industry. Before this role, Jack Zhu worked for WuXi AppTec as commercial operations associate director from July 2016 to March 2021, and for DuPont Company as key account manager from Oct 2008 to Oct 2013.
Jack Zhu obtained MBA degree from Emory University in 2016 with concentration on general management, and master and bachelor degree with major of Electrical Engineering.
Jack Zhu is China National 2nd level basketball player and during spare time, he loves to play classical guitar and go hiking.
Prior CABS Service
Election Statement
I am sincerely applying for the volunteer position with CABS. I aim to help CABS to become a more impactful organization not only in local area but also expand to other states and internationally. Also, I would like to help CABS serve more in career development aspect among Chinese American. I am a very detail-driven, hands-on people, so I will be great fit supporting to organize various webinar, conference, and other activities. In the meanwhile, my experience in business development and project management will be helpful for CABS to promote its brand and establish alliance.