The Chinese American Biopharmaceutical Society (CABS) is a non-profit organization for professionals in the biopharmaceutical industry. CABS is headquartered in San Francisco Bay Area, California. This is the home of the Silicon Valley, the birthplace of biotechnology and one of the largest biomedical cluster with the highest venture capital investment in the world. There are more than a thousand biopharmaceutical/biotech companies in this area, including several large biopharmaceuticals such as Amgen, Genentech and Gilead. CABS is a highly influential association with more than 3000 members and subscribers in the life sciences industry. About 70% of our members have PhD degree relating to life sciences. A considerable proportion of the members are holding senior research and management positions in American and multi-national life sciences corporations. Many of our members are experts and leaders, innovative entrepreneurs, lawyers and venture capitalists or investors in the life sciences sector. CABS is the largest and most active Chinese biopharmaceutical association in Northern America. We organize many activities to promote the international collaborations in life sciences and to provide Science & Technology Parks and life sciences companies in the Pacific Rim with an excellent platform to promote business and to recruit talent. In addition to year-round technology and business seminars, the annual BioPacific Conference organized by CABS is a highly anticipated event that attracts hundreds of biopharmaceutical professionals and business leaders.

CABS is helping members seeking collaboration opportunties in the Pacific Rim. To further meet the needs of CABS members, we are actively helping our members seeking partnership opportunities in the Pacific Rim in the following areas.

  1. To co-sponsor scientific conferences in biopharmaceutical field;
  2. To organize CABS delegations to visit science parks and life sciences companies in the Pacific Rim for potential collaborations;
  3. To organize CABS delegations to visit science parks and life sciences companies for potential collaborations;
  4. To invite leaders in biopharmaceutical industry from Pacific Rim for seminars/talks, especially for the annual CABS ‘BioPacific Conference’;

Email: info@cabsweb.org
President: Yuying (Kate) You, Ph.D., (president@cabsweb.org)


To fulfill our mission, we organize frequent activities, such as scientific and business workshops and social/networking events. Our flagship event is our annual conference, the BioPacific Conference, which attracts about 600 attendees from the U.S. and the Pacific Rim.


Member Demographics

Our membership consists of life science professionals from a broad range of experience levels. A large percentage of our members hold senior or executive positions in the industry, and we are proud to have numerous entrepreneurs who have successfully started and sold life science companies in our pedigree. In addition, we continue to attract new talent from the local academic institutions (UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco, and Stanford University, among others).

CABS LinkedIn Group Demographics

Our CABS LinkedIn Group has also seen continued growth over the last year and is becoming an increasingly important component in our mission of promoting public awareness of the life science industry, encouraging business opportunity and exchange, and serving as a bridge for the life science industry throughout the Asia Pacific. Membership as of April 20, 2023:  1545

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President and President-elect

Kate You
Kate YouPresident 2023-2024
Morrison & Forester
Jessica Sun
Jessica SunPresident-Elect 2023-2024

Board of Directors

Dr. Carrie Wang
Dr. Carrie WangPresident 2021-2022
Vice President, ARC Medical Inc

Dr. Yang Tian
Dr. Yang TianPresident 2019-2021
Senior Vice President

Dr. Yan Wang
Dr. Yan WangPresident 2018-2019
Executive Director
Lepu Biopharma
Dr. Alex Zhang
Dr. Alex ZhangPresident 2017-2018
Hanhai BioLabs
Cheni Kwok, Ph.D., CLP
Cheni Kwok, Ph.D., CLPPresident 2016-2017
Managing Partner, Linear Dreams
Jiangwen Majeti, Ph.D / MBA.
Jiangwen Majeti, Ph.D / MBA.President 2015-2016
Global Category Manager, Genentech (Roche)
Alan Hao, Ph.D.
Alan Hao, Ph.D.President 2014-2015
CEO, AIM Biosciences
Dr. Zhonghua Pei
Dr. Zhonghua PeiPresident 2013-2014
Senior vice president
Neuron23 Inc
Janet Xiao, Ph.D., J.D.
Janet Xiao, Ph.D., J.D.President 2011-2012
Partner, Morrison & Foerster LLP
Wentao Zhang, Ph.D.
Wentao Zhang, Ph.D.President 2012-2013
Co-founder, Quintana Discovery

Jing-Shan Hu, Ph.D.
Jing-Shan Hu, Ph.D.President 2006-2007
Partner, Qiming US Healthcare Ventures
Shichang Miao, Ph.D.
Shichang Miao, Ph.D.President 2009-2010
Executive Director, ChemoCentryx
Dr. Cheng Liu
Dr. Cheng LiuPresident 2005-2006
Founnder and CEO,
Eureka Therapeutics
Dr. John Wang
Dr. John WangPresident 2000-2001
Founder and CEO