Hangzhou Economic & Technological Development Area

Date: February 3, 2016 @ 12:00 am – February 3, 2017
Location: http://www.heda.gov.cn

Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Area (HEDA) is a State Level development zone governing an area of 104.7 square kilometers as approved by the State Council in April 1993. Comprehensive development ranks among the top 15 among 49 national economic development zones. For 13 years, HEDA has been an important base for industrial modernization, foreign economic involvement, high education and life science research. A total of more than 400 foreign enterprises from 30 countries have settled in HEDA, bringing contracted foreign capital of US$4.21 billion and actual foreign capital of US$1.93 billion. Fifty-plus world-famous companies and multinationals are involved. Thirty-eight projects attract investment from 26 enterprises in the Fortune 500. Relying on the pillar industries of electronic information, biopharmaceuticals, home appliances, automobile parts, textiles and light foodstuffs, HEDA plows forward, becoming increasingly high-tech. Within HEDA, a college town including 15 plus universities and the Zhejing Export Processing Zone also provide adequate human resources and an excellent business environment and export/industrial infrastructure. 

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