2017 SVIEF

US China MedTech Innovation Summit


DateSeptember 29, 2017 @2:45pm-5:00pm

Location: Santa Clara Convention Center

Speakers: Rafael Gomez-SjobergChan Zuckerberg Biohub);David Rhew,(Samsung SDS);Huijun ZhouiDNAWalter StewartSutter Health

Organizers: SVIEF

Date: 9/29/2017

Time: 2:45-5:00pm

Registration Fee: $80 Afternoon Pass (CABS Members get 50% off using code iDNA50)

Location: Santa Clara Convention Center

Registration Link: here

About the Topic:

Silicon Valley Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum (SVIEF) is the largest cross-border high-tech forum held in the Bay Area. For consecutive 7 years, we have successfully organized international mega summits in both China and the U.S. Our goal is to foster learning and to provoke conversation and collaboration that matter

The 2017 SVIEF hosts the US China MedTech Innovation Summit as a way to bring together all stakeholders in healthcare to build the relationships and ignite the technologies that will advance patient care. Join us as we highlight the technologies, discuss the opportunities, and navigate the future challenges of this exciting new market.

About the speakers

David Rhew, Samsung SDSCMO and Vice-President for Global Healthcare

Prashant Natarajanoracle (Director of Product Strategy)

Rafael Gomez-SjobergChan Zuckerberg BiohubDirector of Bioengineering

Huijun Zhou, iDNAfounder/CEO

John AdlerCureus Inc CEO;

Xiang QianStanford Medicine X Stanford Hospital (Director of International Medical Services Advisor)

Walter Stewart, Sutter HealthChief Research Officer

Hongye Sun , WuXi NextCODE (CTO)

Oscar Edward Streeter, California Division of the American Cancer Society Chief Medical &Scientific Officer and Board Member

Charlene Yu Vaughn, Algonquin GroupCEO/ Founder

More speakers info: http://www.svief.org/2017/sv/