Maximize the chance of success: Zhongshan Business Oppurtunities Promotion Seminar

Date: December 15, 2017 @ 5:00 pm – @ 8:00 pm
Location: Junior Ballroom on 2nd Floor at Marriott Oakland City Center, 1001 Broadway, Oakland, CA

Supporting Pillars, Success Story & Funding Opportunities by Zhongshan Municipal Gov’t 

Please note: dinner may not be available if the registration is after 10pm on Dec. 14.

Zhongshan Municipal Peoples Government will host Zhongshan Investment Opportunities Promotion Seminar on Dec 15, 5:00pm-8:00pm, at Junior Ballroom of Marriott Oakland City Center. We cordially invite you and your colleagues to attend this event.

Besides Mayor of Zhongshan and the delegates, the event will also attract other local officials including California State Officials, Alameda County Officials, Mayor of Oakland, city council members and a lot of representatives of biotech/pharma companies.

Zhongshan is the hometown of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the great forerunner of Chinas democratic revolution. In 2016, the citys per capita GDP reached $15,000; the total size of R&D investment topped USD ~$1 billion with 7,597 filed patent applications, accounting for 2.4% of the total GDP.  In additionthere are 882 high-tech enterprises and 42 post-Ph.D work stations. It also nested over 160 universities and research institutions.  The National Health Technology Park in Zhongshan is one of the first national health industrial park in China, which had generated about $6 Billion USD output in 2016.  Besides Novartis Group, Ferring, A&Z and other globally well-known pharmaceutical companies, it is also the home for hundreds of biotech/pharma and medical devices companies.

The success of Akeso Bio Pharma is considered a natural outcome from the park incubator program.  The company focuses on discovering and developing innovative biologics with international intellectual rights for the treatment of a broad spectrum of diseases, especially in co-developing antibody drugs with strategic partners.  Following its A-round seeding investment in July 2015, it soon secured the collaboration with Merck for R&D and commercialization of an immune checkpoint blocking antibody AK107, which lead to as much as $200M USD milestone payment.

We sincerely invite you to attend this limited-seat event, where you could have opportunity to meet and talk with the government officials as well as other associates.  The tentative agenda is listed below for your reference.

  • ·      17:00  17:30 Registration
  • ·      17:30  17:50 Keynote speech
  • ·      17:50  18:10 Presentation on Zhongshan investment opportunities
  • ·      18:10  18:30 Success story sharing
  • ·      18:30 Dinner & Networking

中山市人民政府将于20171215 在美国加州奥克市万豪酒店行的中山市投资环境推介会诚挚各位嘉出席会后晚餐和自由交流。


中山市是中国民主革命的大先行者孙中山的故2016年全市人均国民生产总值达到$15,000 元,研投入总额$10亿美元,请专7597,占全市国内生产总值2.4%。另外市内882家高新技42家博士后工作站,160多所大学和研究机构。中山市国家健康科技园是第一批国家健康产业园,2016年全年产值约为60亿美元。除了诺华辉凌制药、安士制等全球知名制,也有数百家的生物/和医疗设备公司入住 



  • ·      17:00  17:30 注册
  • ·      17:30  17:50 主要领导发
  • ·      17:50  18:10 中山投资环境介
  • ·      18:10  18:30 康方生物公司介成功经验
  • ·      18:30  晚餐及交流

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