The Chinese Bioscience Association, San Francisco (CBA SF) is delighted to invite you all to participate in our first activity in 2022. After enduring the hardships of the last two years of COVID-19, we have seen how Moderna and BioNT-Pfizer and Regeneron saved the world in 2020 by providing mRNA vaccines and antibody treatments to tackle the pandemic. However, investors are moving away from biotech stocks as COVID wanes. Today, their stock performance doesn't seem to reflect their success. In 2021, we faced a 25% collapse in 2021 and biotech stocks were down nearly 20% after the first month of 2022. One might ask “Do we expect to see this devastating fall turn around soon?” “How can startups raise their funds under this challenging environment?” “Which of the following is more intriguing to investors: the technology platform or innovative therapeutics?” “How easy is it to get the fundraising cross boarding under the current US-China climate?”

Our four speakers are experts who specialize in biotech, medical devices as well as cross-boarding investment. There will be some idea sharing and an exciting discussion. Please come to join us on Mar 26, 2022 at 3:30pm via Zoom. Registration is free.

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