CABS Smart Partnering System is released

Date: November 1, 2022 @ 12:00 am – December 30, 2024
Location: Online

  • Smart Partnering System (
    We are very pleased to launch an Integrated Partnering System to help our members to find new business connections and post/find job opportunities. You are encouraged to post business demand and jobs on our new Smart Partnering System before Nov 12, 2022 BioPacific Conference to increase the possibilities of business developments and hirings. 

    All the posts are free. 

    Please go to to use CABS Smart Partnering System, on which you can: 

    • Post and manage your company’s business demands and job openings;
    • Search and explore other companies’ business demands with multilevel fine-tuned filters, which help people 
    • quickly locate the demands;
    • Search and explore job openings.

    You can find tutorials about how to use this system at

    For the best display quality, please access this system on computers.

    Smart Connection System (i.e. check-in system)

    When you step into a large conference, one hopes to interact with someone who shares a common interest.  Common interests may include potential collaborations, supportive mentorships, the perfect job opportunity or even the right fit candidate for the job. These interactions or potential opportunities are often lost due to limited time interactions or transparency opportunities at a conference.

    CABS has changed the missed opportunities to open opportunities with the newly launched CABS Smart Connection System.  This allows you the opportunity to connect and interact with peers indefinitely.  There are no more missed opportunities, but rather what are the new open opportunities.

    Scan the QR code to connect with conference attendees and also you can obtain the electronic program book. 

  • Smart Connection System is a platform that CABS provides for BioPacific Conference attendees.
  • On this platform, one can explore who attends the conference and make a connection to an attendee via email or phone number. 
  • The system also provides you with a place to publish your professional profile. You can select “Do NOT publish my contact info” if you do not want to disclose your contact info.

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