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Yuying (Kate) You  
Patent Attorney
Morrison & Foerster LLP
1999-2003 B.S in Life Sciences, Fudan University
2003-2004 Research Assistant, Shanghai Institute for Biological Sciences (SIBS)
2004-2010 Ph.D. in Microbiology/Immunology, University of Alabama at Birmingham
2010-2012 Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Neurology, Stanford
2013-2016 J.D. at UCLA Law School
2016-present Patent attorney, Morrison & Foerster LLP

Before I decided to pursue a career path as a patent attorney, I was interested in Life Sciences, and has a particular interest in Immunology. I received my bachelor degree in Life Sciences at Fudan University in 2003 and then obtained my Ph.D. in Microbiology/Immunology at University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2010. During my Ph.D, I studied how B cells mature and interact with other immune cells upon pathogen infection in Dr. Robert Carter’s lab.

Upon my graduation, I joined Dr. May Han’s lab at Stanford in 2010 as a postdoctoral fellow to study a rare neurological autoimmune disease, neuromyelitis optica, in which B cells played a major pathological role. During my two years there, besides being able to gain a better appreciation of the crucial roles of immune cells in various diseases and the complexity of translational research, I became interested in developing a career as a patent attorney, specializing in life sciences. I always like reasoning and analysis a lot, and believe that these traits along with my experiences in the field of Life Sciences would allow me to grow into a valuable patent attorney specializing in biotech/pharmaceutical field.

Therefore, I decided to apply to law school, and was admitted to the UCLA Law school in 2013. I obtained my Juris Doctor in 2016. Since then, I have been a patent attorney at Morrison & Foerster LLP focusing my practice in patent drafting, prosecution, IP due diligence and strategic counseling in biotech and pharmaceutical field.
Prior CABS Service
2010-2013 EC member at Office of Operation Committee and Social Life Committee
2016-2017 EC member at Office of Operation and Social Life Committee
2017-2019 Chair at Office of Operation
2019-2021 Co-Chair at Business and Career development Committee

My journey at CABS started in 2010, when I attended a Career Advisory Network (CAN) program event hosted in my current firm, Morrison & Foerster LLP (MoFo). At the time, I was working as a postdoc at Stanford and exploring career opportunities. Janet Xiao, who was the president-elect that year and a partner-to-be patent attorney at MoFo, hosted that event and later became my mentor in that year’s CAN program. This event had a fundamental effect on me as it built the connection from the then me to a new career path.

Shortly after that, I started to volunteer at the Office of Operation Committee and Social Life Committee and supported various functions until I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my law degree in 2013.

Upon my completion of my law school and my return back to the Bay in 2016, I continued to volunteer as an EC member in the Office of Operation Committee and Social Life Committee. I believe it was in 2017/2018 when I started to lead the Office of Operation Committee as the Chair. Besides supporting the president and other Committees on various events or activities, our Committee arranged and organized all EC meetings, the annual Thanksgiving/Christmas party, and retreat events for our EC members.

After serving as the Chair at the Office of Operation Committee for two years, I started to lead the Business and Career Committee together with Ms. Liping Meng as Co-Chairs for this Committee. I actively sought this opportunity due to my interest to contribute more in promoting our members’ career development and fostering the interactions and collaborations among our members and their entities. Over the years, we organized various events to serve this goal. These events include job fair (which we co-organized with student and scholar associations at Stanford, UCSF and Berkeley) and career advisory events that were tailored to professionals at different levels.
Election Statement
As someone who has deeply benefited from CABS in not only career development but also personal growth, I witnessed in myself the value of the platform CABS provides. It allows us to broaden our knowledge, explore our interests, connect with people, obtain valuable professional advice, seek business opportunities, build collaborations, and even gain life-long friendship (this is not an exclusive list).

I am writing this Application Form because I believe that these values are deeply meaningful for our community. Credits to the past CABS leadership, CABS already has a great organization, an infrastructure that allows it to deliver these values with the generous contributions of time, energy and wisdom from a group of people who have the passion and dedication to deliver these values. If I have the privilege to serve as the president-elect, I will work hard with this group of people (e.g., our EC) to continue delivering these values whenever and wherever possible.

Other than the already established events and activities, one specific aspect that I vision we can focus on a bit more is to deepen the connections among the community, which I think is fundamental for many desirable values we hope to deliver. We probably will all agree that although the COVD-19 pandemic facilitated us to reach out to a larger member base via the access of online meetings, it in many ways impeded us from connecting with each other meaningfully. In my cautiously optimistic view, we are migrating and will likely continue to migrate back to a “normal life”, where we can meet in person, if we want to, with precautionary measures (such as vaccinations, masks). I would love to see that we experiment methods/themes that can be effective to bring our members together and allow them to connect both professionally and personally. Casual get-together with or without a specific theme, for example, can be one experiment to try.

Another aspect that I would like to explore a bit more is to promote the leadership of our EC members. I believe that many of them are, or will grow into the leaders of our community. We already have a few great programs, such as Biopacific toastmaster club and CAN program that can help achieve this goal. I would like to see if we can establish more events/programs to achieve this goal.

I want to end this statement with a quote from Steve Jobs. “We have a chance, if we stay focused and choose wisely, to really continue to impact people's lives, in some small way, for the better.” I think this truly applies to CABS, and would be more than happy to work with our EC team to make a meaningful impact on our community.