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Jing Chen  陈静
Life Sciences Research Professional
Stanford University
Jing Chen is a research scientist who obtained her Bachelor­ of Medicine in West China Medical Center of Sichuan university, and double Master degrees in Public Health and Environmental Toxicology in China and Canada, respectively. Jing's research is involved in X-ray irradiation-induced oral mucositis in Stanford University School of Medicine. Before joining Stanford, Jing worked at the University of Louisville in Kentucky as a technician, technologist and then research associate in three different labs specializing in different animal diseases models combined with microsurgery. This included pressure overloaded hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and heart failure through ascending aortic constriction (AAC), myocardial ischemia induced by coronary artery occlusion (CC), and hind-limb ischemia by ligation of femoral artery in mice. She has experience in techniques to create chemical lung injury (inflammation and fibrosis) induced by chlorine gas in mice and rabbits. She was also focused on studies in diabetic complications including cardiomyopathy, nephropathy and ischemic angiogenesis. Jing had a few year experience working at contract research organization (CRO) to apply toxicology and risk assessment of product safety for novel medication candidates and chemicals. Jing got DABT certification in 2018 and is looking for chance to change her career from academy to industry.
Prior CABS Service
None. New application
Election Statement
I am Jing Chen, working in Stanford University. I joined CABS this year. I am applying to be elected a volunteer in Social life group.
I consider myself a good team player and am willing to work with other people. This is the first year that I apply for a volunteer in CABS. Please consider my application to give me chance to work with you to let CABS better.
Qiang Gan  甘强
Scientist / Project Director
DiaCarta / Hanhai BioLabs
-- Have a passion for turning scientific research into practice
-- Pay attention to details without losing the big picture
-- 15 years of experience in biology (NGS, cancer biomarker assay development and stem cells)
-- Highly motivated and willing to learn & adopt new skills as needed

-- PhD, Genetics, Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
-- MS, Biological sciences and bioengineering, Dalian University of Technology, China
-- BS, Material science and engineering, Dalian University of Technology, China

-- Project Director (part-time), Hanhai BioLabs 2019/6
-- Scientist III, DiaCarta, Inc. 2018/12-present
-- Postdoc / Research Associate, Muscle Stem Cell Biology, Stanford University / PAVIR
-- Postdoctoral Fellow, Germline Stem Cell Biology, Johns Hopkins University

Entrepreneurship Training & Experience
-- The National Science Foundation (NSF) I-Corps program 2019/6-2019/6
-- Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for Overseas Talents (Hangzhou, China), 70 out of 441 teams 2018/5
-- Y Combinator Startup School 2017/4-2017/6

Professional & Volunteer Experience
-- Co-chair of International Collaboration Committee of CABS 2018- present
-- Volunteer of Chinese American Biopharmaceutical Society (CABS) 2017- present
-- Volunteer of venture capital platform F50 2017-2018
-- A peer review board member of Journal of Visualized Experiments 2013-present
-- An invited reviewer for 100+ manuscripts from 15 scientific journals 2012-present
Prior CABS Service
1. New Opportunities for Bio-Pharma Industry in China after CFDA joined ICH (August 25, 2018)
2. CABS Summer BBQ (August 19, 2018)
3. RAMED China Medical Device Regulatory Forum (July 28, 2018)
4. CABS BioPacific 2018 Annual Conference (June 23, 2018)
5. Bay Area Dragon boat, team member of CABS (June 10, 2018)
6. Sanpower and Dendreon: the New Beginning (April 22, 2018)—I was the co-organizer
7. Fosun Biopharmaceutical Partnering and Career Forum (April 14, 2018)
8. 2018 CABS Chinese New Year Party (February 10, 2018)
9. CABS Investor Forum (January 10, 2018)
10. Zhongshan Business Oppurtunities Promotion Seminar (December 15, 2017)
11. Nanjing Business Oppurtunities Promotion Seminar (November 15, 2017)

Also a few events in the year of 2019.
Election Statement
I, if elected, will work with another co-chair closely to 1) connects our members to life sciences communities in the Pacific Rim countries, 2) promote international collaborations with various life sciences organizations. Let’s grow together through events, activities, networking and collaborations!
Wenhui Gao  高文慧
Corporate Development Associate
WuXi Biologics
Ms. Gao started her career in healthcare business consulting and has served clients from US, EU, Mid East and Asia, in both pharmaceutical and medical device industry. She worked with both global and mid-size companies on China partnership as well as US commercialization strategy covering market opportunity assessment, commercial due diligence, market access, pricing & reimbursement and go-to-market strategy, mainly focusing on oncology field. She joined WuXi Biologics corporate development team in 2019, which brought her to San Fransisco bay area.

Before joining CABS, Ms. Gao has actively contributed to SABPA (Sino-America Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Professional Association) San Diego chapter, served as committee member for Entrepreneurship Club and BioiPartnering One-on-One Meeting. She won 2018 SABPA Team Award for her contribution to Entrepreneurship Club biweekly events. Ms. Gao received her Master of Business and Science from Keck Graduate Institute, majored in Business of Biosciences.
Prior CABS Service
Election Statement
I always enjoy serving the biotech/pharmaceutical community to enhance connection and communication among professionals from various background. I hope by serving CABS executive council, I can have the chance to better utilize my volunteer experience, creating a more interactive and effective member experience in future CABS events.
Qing Han  韩晴
Sidley Austin LLP
Qing Han graduated from Harvard Law School, with a Juris Doctor degree. Before law school, he has served for five years as a Chinese diplomat, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing, and the Permanent Mission of China to the UN in New York. He was awarded Outstanding Diplomat for three consecutive years, and received Citation of Honor. Qing co-founded the non-profit organization LEAP (Life-Science Entrepreneurship and Plus), which is committed to promoting innovation, entrepreneurship, and academic exchange in life science and related sectors. He is currently an associate in the Palo Alto Office of Sidley Austin LLP.
Prior CABS Service
Qing has collaborated with CABS through his leadership in LEAP. For example, LEAP Entrepreneur BootCamp is co-hosted with CABS Entrepreneur Club.
Election Statement
Qing sees great value in promoting the collaboration and solidarity among Chinese scholars, scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs in life science. If elected, he would devote himself to furthering this objective, including by promoting the collaboration between CABS and LEAP through co-hosting events and sharing resources.
Hesong Han  韩鹤松
UC Berkeley
Graduated Nov 2017 with Ph.D. in Molecular and Genetics biology, I am currently a postdoc in UC Berkeley. I am working on several different projects, from protein evolution to drug screening. Most of my work is based on cell biology and animal model.
Prior CABS Service
PRC Co-chair
Election Statement
Guanghui Han  韩广辉
Director, San Jose Mass Spectrometry Center
BGI Americas
My current work is focusing on developing novel methods and platforms for protein therapeutics characterization, and further provide high quality Mass Spec data for customers via state-of-the-art Mass Spectrometers. Previously, I have worked on characterizing therapeutic antibodies, bispecific antibodies, PEG-Fab conjugates, antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), protein-ligand interaction, MHC complex and membrane protein complexes. Also have developed techniques and methods for biomarkers discovery of cancer and diabetes by LC-MS\MS based protein post-translational modification (phosphorylation and O-GlcNAcylation) analysis at both large-scale proteome level and individual protein level.

08/2018- Current Director. San Jose Mass Spectrometry Center, BGI Americas.
03/2017- 08/2018 Scientific Manager. Applied Proteomics, MPL, Genentech Inc.

High resolution and Native MS:
1. Developed high throughput method to characterize bispecific IgG, Cross-Mabs and multivalent IgG from single cell line production by using high resolution RPLC-MS platform.
2. Developed high resolution Native MS platform to characterize non-covalent complexes by using Nano-flow direct infusion and on-line Native SEC-MS, Native WCX-MS, and Native HIC-MS methods, for example: protein-ligand complex, antibody conformational variants & charge variants, and membrane protein with lipid complex
3. Characterized PEGs & therapeutic PEG-Fab conjugates by MALDI-TOF MS with high mass detector and high resolution Orbitrap MS.

08/2015- 02/2017 SSR. Applied Proteomics, MPL, Genentech Inc.
08/2014- 07/2015 SRA. Applied Proteomics, MPL, Genentech Inc.
03/2010- 07/2014 Post-Doctoral Fellow. Department of Biological Chemistry, The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Biomarker discovery for early detection of diabetes:
1. Developed large-scale protein O-GlcNAcylation analysis methods for diabetes biomarker discovery. By using photocleavable chemical/enzymatic tagging and on beads cupper free click reaction methodology, more sensitivity was achieved for O-GlcNAc proteome study.
2. Characterized the O-GlcNAcylation of the whole kinome for diabetes mechanism study. The site-specific functional relevance of this modification is paramount to furthering our understanding of the cross talking between the O-GlcNAcylation and phosphorylation, which is key to biomarker discovery. For example, O-GlcNAc modification of CaMKII at Ser279 activates CaMKII autonomously, and this novel signaling event was found to contribute critically to cardiac and neuronal pathophysiology in diabetes and other diseases.

02/2004-02/2010 Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, CAS Key Laboratory of Separation Sciences for Analytical Chemistry, National Chromatographic R&A Center, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.

Biomarker discovery for liver cancer:
1. Developed protein phosphorylation large-scale enrichment materials and methods for liver cancer biomarker discovery. Systematically investigated the performance of strong anion exchange chromatography (SAX) in enriching and fractionating phosphopeptides; Prepared monodisperse immobilized Ti4+ affinity chromatography (Ti4+-IMAC) microspheres for specific enrichment of phosphopeptides in phosphoproteome analysis based on the strong interaction between Ti4+ and phosphate group; Large-scale phosphoproteome analysis of human liver tissue by long-gradient nanoflow LC coupled with multiple stage mass spectrometric analysis for biomarker discovery.
2. Developed individual protein phosphorylation analysis for liver cancer mechanism study. A modified target-decoy database search strategy and multiple stage mass spectrometric analysis was applied to comprehensive and reliable phosphorylation site mapping of individual phosphoproteins, including kinases, to study the novel signal event changes in different stages and grades of cancer.
Prior CABS Service
have been volunteer for different organizations (Non-scientific) previously
Election Statement
I have passion, and willing to contribute my time and effort for CABS and the community. Thanks for your consideration, appreciate it!
Sr Scientist
Ph.D., Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, University of Virginia
B.S., Cell and Molecular Biology, Wuhan University
Current position: Senior Scientist II at Abbvie
 Tunable, multi-target CAR-T Cell Therapy development in collaboration with Calibr
 Oncolytic virus product development in collaboration with Turnstone Biologics
Previous position: Scientist at Fate Therapeutics
 Developed iPSC derived Off-the-Shelf (OTS) CAR-T and CAR-NK cellular therapies
 Developed iPSC genetic engineering and suicide gene strategies
Former Members of AACR, ASCB, ASBMB, AAAS
Reviewer of Cell, Nature, Science, PNAS, Cancer Cell, Developmental Cell, Nature Cell Biology, JCB, Current Biology, JBC, PlosONE, Cell Cycle
Prior CABS Service
Participated in multiple CABS events including the annual ‘BioPacific Conference'
Election Statement
Developing life-changing drugs requires collaborations of teams with diverse skill set. CABS is a great organization representing talented professionals specialized in different areas of the biopharmaceutical field. I would like to contribute to this field by serving in the CABS committee. I am interested in promoting drug development through the promotion of science.
Jay Lee  
West Coast Regional Manager
Career focused on sales, operations and entrepreneurial roles within businesses from start-ups to a large biotech corporation ($51B+). Strong background in sales, key account management, and business development. Adept in client management, relationship building, networking and negotiation. In addition, over 14+ years of world-class bioprocess experience working at the largest biotech facility in the world for Genentech. Solid expertise in GMP bioprocesses and quality regulations, cost reduction, process improvement, and staff training.
Prior CABS Service
Science and Technology
Election Statement
Chunfeng Li  
Research Scientist
working on the immune response of viral infectious disease, experienced with drug screening, mechanism studies and so on.
Prior CABS Service
As a member of CABS
Election Statement
Bo Lian  
Senior Manager
Gilead Sciences
I am currently working for Gilead Sciences as a Senior Manager in Clinical Research and Data Science. Previously I have worked for Amgen and BASF for pharmaceutical development and technical marketing. I get my PhD in Pharmaceutics and Pharmacy Practice from the University of Arizona. I am a passionate biopharmaceutical professional with experience in product and clinical development , business, data analytics, across pharmaceutical product life-cycle.
Prior CABS Service
EC member for International Collaboration
Cochair for Social Life
Election Statement
I have been working and attending events for CABS since 2014. CABS is a great non-profit community for members in biopharmaceutical and other fields to connect, learn and develop in life and career. I would like to have the opportunity to continue serving CABS and interact with friends in the community.
Chengya Liang  
Director of Alliance Management
Chengya earned her MD from Shandong University, her PhD in Biomedical Sciences from Virginia Tech, and her MBA from Cornell University. She has practiced as a physician, worked as a senior scientist in different biotech, pharmaceutical service industries and led global market and business development, product management and strategy efforts in fortune 200 company Thermo Fisher. Chengya is currently the Director of Alliance Management at Natera, and she is responsible for large biopharma partnership. Chengya has been featured in multiple national and international magazines, such as Association for Women in Science (AWIS) Magazine. She volunteered at AMC, ICC and entrepreneur clubs teams in CABs in 2019. Below are some of the highlights of her experience.

• Combination of strong clinical, research and business expertise with MD, PhD and MBA degrees
• Practiced as a physician and won the Best Doctor Award
• Blend of large corporate experiences and best practices with first-hand start-up
• Well rounded business experiences on product management, marketing, strategy and business development
• Published around thirty papers and an academic book chapter
• Highly motivated, strategic and commercially savvy
Prior CABS Service
Served as volunteers in AMC, ICC and entrepreneur clubs.
Election Statement

CABs is an exciting organization to bring biotech, biopharma professionals in China and America together. We have been doing amazing work to help foster a collaborative, innovative scientific and business environment. I'd like to use my experience in marketing and business to serve this great organization when I have time.

MIN Lin  林敏
Min has more than 20 years working experiences as a biologist, process supervisor and application scientist. Most recently, Min was the application scientist at Fluidigm Corporation, working in several new products launch projects, and collaborating with universities, research institutes and industry companies in the fields of Biomark HD Gene expression, Targeted DNA Sequencing and digital PCR etc;

Prior to that, Min worked as QC/process supervisor at Predicant Biosciences leading the production process of the microfluidic chip manufacturing.

Min received her Master’s degree from North Carolina State University in the United States, and her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Shandong University in China
Prior CABS Service
Treasurer -Two years in Troop 47 Boys Scouts, managed the financial affairs for this organization; established an online bookkeeping system of checks and balances; presented quarterly financial report.
Election Statement
I would like to take this executive member opportunity to serve CABS community.
With my strong collaboration and execution skills to support CABS leader team.
It is also a great opportunity to work with the talented people.
Liping Meng  
Senior Research Scientist
Gilead Sciences
Liping received a doctoral degree in Organic Chemistry from University of Tuebingen, Germany. Currently, she is a Senior Research Scientist at Gilead Sciences.
Prior CABS Service
Liping has been serving in CABS committees since 2011, including as Co-chair of Membership Committee 2015-2017 and Co-chair of Business and Career Development Committee 2018-2019.
Election Statement
“As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.” I would like to take this election opportunity to continue to build strong platform for CABS members, interact with our members, and greatly contribute to the growth of CABS.
Suping REN  任苏平
senior associate scientist
Aligos Therapeutics
I received my M.S. degree in Infectious Diseases in 2003 from Zhejiang University and a second M.S. degree in Biomedical Sciences in 2007 from SUNY at Albany. After graduation, I joined virology department in Roche Palo Alto and later transferred to Roche Nutely. After the site was closed down, in 2013 I joined a startup company Novira Therapeutics in PA, which was acquired by JNJ. I internally transferred to JNJ South San Francisco site. Now I am in a startup company Aligos Therapeutics which is mainly focusing on liver diseases. I have been in virology field for over 10 years. My future research field will be in oncology.

I had been a toastmaster club member for about 5 years, but now not an active member. I served as TM secretory, VP of education before. I have never serviced in professional societies before.
Prior CABS Service
volunteer in Annual CABS conference in 2019.
Election Statement
Hao Shao  邵豪
Postdoc at University of California, San Francisco
University of California, San Francisco
Hao Shao received his Ph.D. in Medicinal chemistry in 2014 from the School of Pharmacy at the University of Nottingham and have been a postdoctoral fellow at University of California, San Francisco since. He has broad experiences in small molecule drug discovery for cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.
Prior CABS Service
I have volunteered in CABS annual conference in the past two years and organized the pharmaceutical science department postdoc seminar at UCSF for a year.
Election Statement
I would like to volunteer in CABS Science Technology Committee and help to organize seminars.
Jingwen Tan  谭静雯
Jenen Jingwen Tan is currently a consultant at the IQVIA consulting services based in the San Francisco office. She provides strategic recommendations to clients in the life sciences industry, helping them understand the market dynamics, improve product values, and optimize business strategies in the US, EU, and global markets. She received her Ph.D. in epidemiology from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and B.S. in Molecular, Cell, & Developmental Biology from the University of California, Los Angeles. She previously interned at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Maryland Department of Health. She has 7+ years of experiences in public health research and practice, focusing on data analytics and insight generation from real world claims and patient data.
Prior CABS Service
Co-Director, Career Advisory Network (CAN), 2017-2018
President, BioPacific Toastmasters Club, 2017-2019
Election Statement
Tim Tian  
Bio-CMC Advisory
PhD, UCB (Mol Cancer Biol); Postdoc, UCSF (Immunology), 18+ years of discovery, development & manufacturing of Biologics. Currently serving as CMC lead on multiple CMC/CMO projects.
Prior CABS Service
Previously EC member
Election Statement
To serve the community, learn new things and have fun doing so. "M. Tim Tian" at
Kay Tong  湯美娟
Sr. Director of Quality Systems
Over 20 years of experience in fields of Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals including areas of Research, Manufacturing, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, with senior management positions. I have supported successful NDA submission, PAI's , FDA GMP Audits, FDA GCP Audit, EMA Audit, TGA Audit, ISO 9000 Certification and ISO 13485 Certification.

Founding Member of GAIN (Gilead Asian Interest Network) - Mentor for 1:1 Mentorship program at Gilead Sciences
Member of WAG (Women of Gilead) - Member in "Circles" Mentorship program, Volunteer for STEM program
Adviser for English-Speaking Young Adult at Grace Evangelical Free Church
Counselor for English-Speaking youth at Grace Evangelical Free Church
Prior CABS Service
New Member
Election Statement
Mentor ship for the next generation is the key to continue successful development of Scientists to inspire the development of quality medicinal products are provided to a growing need worldwide.

I would like to volunteer in the Business and Career Development group. My previous experience both in the workplace as well as in social events have supported the development for many Asians in their career and personal goal advancement. I would like to share my experience and provide guidance tools to help develop additional mentors. This would provide more opportunities for mentees to be mentored. There is always a greater demand for mentors than there are mentees. The tools I have used for my previous mentees have successfully developed additional mentors. As well, it is through these mentor-mentee relationships, that business development opportunists can be further fostered. It is also through the cross connections in the larger mixed mentorship programs that new ideas can developed to create new business collaborations as well as new business developments.
Haixia wang  
principal scientist
Allogene Therapeutics
I got my PhD in Hong Kong and took postdoctoral training in Gladstone institute, UCSF. Then I work on allogeniec CART cell therapy in Pfizer and Allogene therapeutics.
Prior CABS Service
Election Statement
Yan Wang  王燕
Principal Scientist
Degree received:
Ph. D. Department of Organic Chemistry, The Hebrew University at Jerusalem
M. Sc. Applied Chemistry, The Hebrew University at Jerusalem
B. Sc. Beijing Normal University

Position held:
Principal scientist, ChemPartner (SF site), 12/2015-present

Member of APS and ACS
Prior CABS Service
Volunteer at CABS annual meeting and other events
Election Statement
CABS is a well-know organization at Bay area. I attended many CABS events for many years. CABS has so many events and interesting activities from Science & Technology to social life. I heard so many stories about how people built their professional network through CABS event and found their current job, or develop business.
I work for a China based CRO and am familiar with this area. I helped to connect a China based technology center to CABS for further business development before. Our site is at SSF and also involves in service as a innovation center. I also have project management experience.
I would like to join CABS EC to serve the biopharmaceutical community and help fulfilling CABS mission. I totally agree that it is a great opportunity to learn leadership skill and build professional network.
Zhican Wang  
Sr Scientist II
Revolution Medicines
I'm a DMPK scientist currently working in Revolution Medicines, Redwood City. Prior to this, I was a Scientist in Amgen, SSF. I received PhD degree from University of Illinois at Chicago, and BS from Zhejiang University.
Prior CABS Service
Worked as a regular EC member and volunteer in multiple groups including membership, Office of Operations, Alliance Management and Social life. Volunteer for CABS annual meetings
Election Statement
When moved to Bay area, I joined CABS sub-EC groups and actively participated in a series of CABS events as a regular EC member and volunteer. However, due to the limited time and family reasons, I only kept my CABS activities as a volunteer. I had a chance to talk with Yang and Carrie during this year's CABS annual meeting, and was thinking of joining CABS again as an EC member, so that I could take more opportunities to service CABS and people. CABS is a non-profit org that really needs everyone's volunteering work. Being a part of the CABS family, it's my great honor to apply and be an EC member.
Ying Wang  王莹
Stanford University
Ph.D., University of British Columbia, Canada ●06/2009-03/2014
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Advisor: Dr. Brian Rodrigues
M.Sc., Wuhan University, China
Pharmacology, Advisor: Dr. Hong Ding ●09/2006-06/2008
B.Sc., Wuhan University, China
Pharmaceutical Sciences ●09/2002-06/2006

Industry Experience:
Associate Scientist
Cellular Biology and Pharmacology
Shanghai ChemPartner Co. Ltd, China 06/2008-06/2009

Postdoctoral Scholar
Division of Vascular Surgery, Stanford University, U.S. 05/2017-present
Advisor: Dr. Nicholas Leeper
Postdoctoral Fellow
Centre for Heart Lung Innovation,
University of British Columbia, Canada 04/2014-04/2017
Advisor: Dr. Gordon Francis

Selected Awards:
Postdoctoral Fellowship American Heart Association and VIVA Physician 2018-2020
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research 2015-2017
Early Career Investigator Award, American Heart Association Scientific Session 2016,
IMPACT Salary Award, Canadian Institution of Health Research 2015
Doctoral Student Research Award, Canadian Diabetes Association 2012-2014
Dr. William Wilson Simson Memorial Award University of British Columbia 2013
Four Year Doctoral Fellowship, University of British Columbia 2011-2013
Subhash C. Verma Memorial Prize, University of British Columbia 2012
Chinese Government Excellent Overseas Student Award Ministry of Education, China 2012

Outreach and Community Service:
• Founder and Organizer
Presentation Workshop for non-Native Speakers, Stanford University 04/2018-Present
Designed a monthly workshop series to improve presentation and networking skills at academic conferences and job interviews for postdocs of non-native speakers. Successfully obtained funding from Stanford Postdoc Initiative Fund in 2018 and managed to win the Diversity and Innovation Fund from Stanford VPGE to continue sponsor this program for 2019-2020. Coordinated and hosted each workshop.
• Co-Chair (Postdoc Group)
Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Stanford, U.S. 07/2018-07/2019
Organize events and workshops to help Chinese postdocs better assimilate into the American culture, foster their professional development, and broaden their career perspectives. Three feature events are annual Career Fair, Research Symposium, and Summer BBQ.
Wellness Ambassador
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, Canada 08/2014-04/2017
Speak to the public about risk reduction and disease prevention of heart disease and stroke at community events in a monthly basis. Helped about 500 people to identify their own unhealthy behaviors in everyday life that would increase the risks of heart and stroke disease, as well as advise them how to make changes.
Team Lead and Facilitator
Health Promotion Workshop, Canadian Cancer Society, Canada 07/2014-04/2017
Offered lectures in the community to raise awareness of cancer prevention and encourage the public to practice healthy behaviors. I joined this program when it has the least support, but still managed to deliver 7 out of 14 workshops in one year, which was recognized at the 2015 CCS Volunteer Summit.
Prior CABS Service
Volunteers for CABS conference from 2017-2019. Helped organized CABS Bay Area Career Fair in 2019.
Election Statement
My aims to join the executive meeting is to learn from members of the Alliance Management Team about how to build up professional relationship with companies, and build network with companies and talents across China and United States. I hope that when I am recruited to a faculty position in the near future, I will be able to connect my students to companies in the silicon valley to practice translational research and gain industry experience through my network via the AMT.
yunqiu wu  吴韵秋
Vice President
MedAbome, Inc.
Suzie Wu is currently Vice President of Business Development for MedAbome, Inc., a biotech startup for antibody development. Suzie has nearly 20 years of business management and financial investment experience both here in the US and overseas as a C-level executive and a partner. Previously, she was a faculty member at Thomas Jefferson University and a senior director for new product development at ImaRx. Suzie received B.S. from Tianjin University, postgraduate from China Union Medical School, MBA from University of Arizona and Ph.D. in biomedical engineering from Drexel University.
Prior CABS Service
Suzie served in the CABS Executive Council since 2018. She was a member of the International Collaboration Committee and also helped the Alliance Management Committee. She was in charge of the Microphone Team for the 2019 Biopacific Conference (morning session).
Election Statement
I will work diligently with other EC members. Together, we will contribute to the continued success of CABS
Michael Xie  
Technical Sales Representative
Teledyne Technologies Inc.
My name is Michael Xie. I received my Ph.D. in chemistry from Washington University in St. Louis. After two years of postdoc training, I started my career in pharmaceutical industry, most recently at Novartis and Teledyne ISCO (Pharmaceutical instrumentation). With a keen interest in biotech community, I started to volunteer about 11 years ago. Prior to join CABS two years ago, I had been with Sino-American Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Professional Association (SABPA) in San Diego. I volunteered hours in my spare time in social events and photography groups, helping to organize numerus successful events and make contributions to newsletters with event photos. After I moved to Bay Area, one of the largest biotech professional organization that caught my attention is CABS. I have been doing volunteer jobs since then as an EC member in Public Relation & Communication Committee and very recently as a co-chair in Social Life Committee (SLC), involving extensively in successful activities such as taking photos, recruiting speakers and fund raising for CABS’s Annual BioPacific Conference, organizing Chinese New Year Party, annual dragon boat race and summer BBQ events, etc. I was deeply pleased and honored to receive the outstanding service award in 2018.

I am applying and willing to continue to serve as an EC member for the upcoming term. With my volunteering experience, enthusiasm and dedication, working together with other volunteers, I am sure we can make CABS a leading, greater and most valuable professional organization in biotech community in Bay Area.
Prior CABS Service
Election Statement
My name is Michael Xie. I received my Ph.D. in chemistry from Washington University in St. Louis. After two years of postdoc training, I started my career in pharmaceutical industry, most recently at Novartis and Teledyne ISCO (Pharmaceutical instrumentation). With a keen interest in biotech community, I started to volunteer about 11 years ago. Prior to join CABS two years ago, I had been with Sino-American Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Professional Association (SABPA) in San Diego. I volunteered hours in my spare time in social events and photography groups, helping to organize numerus successful events and make contributions to newsletters with event photos. After I moved to Bay Area, one of the largest biotech professional organization that caught my attention is CABS. I have been doing volunteer jobs since then as an EC member in Public Relation & Communication Committee and very recently as a co-chair in Social Life Committee (SLC), involving extensively in successful activities such as taking photos, recruiting speakers and fund raising for CABS’s Annual BioPacific Conference, organizing Chinese New Year Party, annual dragon boat race and summer BBQ events, etc. I was deeply pleased and honored to receive the outstanding service award in 2018.

I am applying and willing to continue to serve as an EC member for the upcoming term. With my volunteering experience, enthusiasm and dedication, working together with other volunteers, I am sure we can make CABS a leading, greater and most valuable professional organization in biotech community in Bay Area.
Chenling Xiong  
• M.D./Ph.D. with background in Laboratory Medicine and biomedical research training in molecular genetics and neuronal toxicity
• Significant experience in cell-based assay development, primary cell culture, iPS differentiation and high content imaging
• Leading cross-functional study on human genetics, pharmacogenomics, pharmacokinetics, drug metabolism and drug toxicity on chemo-drugs, bringing new personalized therapies to patients with unmet medical needs, particularly in breast cancer, cardiovascular and neurologic diseases
• Organizing scientific meetings and toastmasters
Prior CABS Service
CABS Science and technology committee member 2017-2019
CABS Public and relationship committee Co-chair 2018-2019
Election Statement
Shaohua Xu  许少华
Research Scientist
Eureka Therapeutics
I joined Eureka Therapeutics as a Research Scientist working on development of CAR-T platforms to target solid tumors. Before joining Eureka, I was trained as a postdoc at the J David Gladstone Institute, UCSF, focusing on modulating stem cells and senescent cells with chemical approach. I received my BS in Biological Science from Peking University in 2006 and PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from National Institute of Biological Sciences in 2011.
Prior CABS Service
I have volunteered in Alliance Management Committee to raise money for BioPacific Conference 2019.
Election Statement
Since I know of CABS in 2016, I’ve continuously received benefits from CABS events. I’d like to give back to CABS community in the Bay Area.
Xiang Yi  
Science and Technology
Currently I work as a scientist and a project leader at Codexis, Inc., a company specialized in enzyme engineering. My role is to lead the team to implement the company’s core technology, CodeEvolver to develop enzyme biocatalyst or enzyme therapeutics. Prior to my industrial career, I was employed as a research assistant professor at the University North Carolina-Chapel Hill (UNC-CH) where I took the leadership role to develop nanomedicine platform to deliver protein across the blood-brain barrier (BBB) for the treatment of brain diseases. At that time, I also served as the Principal Scientist in NeuroNano Pharma, a spin off startup company from UNC-CH where I involved in business development activities such as SBIR fund raising, presentation to venture groups, and commercialization planning.
I completed my Ph.D. training at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, focusing on protein-polymer conjugation with an aim to improve protein delivery to the brain. This work was recognized by peers in the BBB field and was awarded the best poster presentation at the 2010 Gordon Research Conference in Barriers of the CNS. Afterwards, I became a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Washington where I accumulated extensive experience in brain pharmacokinetics for evaluation of protein biotherapeutics to penetrate the BBB.
I obtained my Bachelor degree from Peking University, majoring in pharmaceutic science. Afterwards and prior to my Ph.D., I also served as a computational chemist in Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in Beijing and in WuXi AppTec Co., Ltd, Shanghai for 6 years. By applying molecular modeling strategies to design small-molecule leads for numerous targets, my work had significantly contributed to the advancement of a lead compound to clinical trials and resulted in 12 manuscripts published in peer-reviewed journals.
Prior CABS Service
Section chair of 2019 BioPacific conference; volunteer to help with 2019 BioPacific conference.

Elected co-chair of CABS Science&Technology Committee, Sep 2018- current. Host many of 2018 science workshops/seminars including inviting speakers, organizing seminars, and chairing events etc.

Elected member of CABS Science&Technology Committee, Sep 2017- current. Invited a few speakers for 2018 science workshops and host April 4, 2018 CABS Seminar: MOLECULAR IMAGING FOR PERSONALIZED DIAGNOSIS AND PRECISION MEDICINE.

Elected members of CABS Alliance Management Committee, Sep 2017- current. Together with AMC co-chairs, accountants, and other members raised funds and built relationships with sponsors, in particular, during 2018 CABS BioPacific conference.

Volunteer to photograph multiple CABS events including 2018 BioPacific conference, 2017 Dragon boat paddle, seminars, and others.
Election Statement
Trained and continuously working as a scientist, I have been always curious about frontier biotechnologies and latest scientific breakthrough. The science workshops and seminars hosted by CABS Science & Technology Committee have provided me a perfect environment to learn the new information in life science world. I was informed and stimulated, and was also grateful for such an opportunity to interact with professionals with diverse specialties. After a few years of attending, I decided to give back. Last year, I had the privilege to serve as the co-chair together with Ken Zhang and host a series of well-received scientific workshops and seminars. In coming year, we are dedicating to promote many more high quality workshop events in various of scientific areas. It is a rewarding and exciting experience not just because I myself learn and grow by organizing the event but also all of our attendees truly enjoy and appreciate these activities. And that has been motivating me continuously to serve CABS Science & Technology Committee and to further advocate frontier science and bring excellence to the workshop and seminar.
Yuying You  尤玉英
Morrison Foerster LLP
My journey in life sciences started 20 years ago. I started studying Life Sciences in Department of Biology at Fudan University. Four years later, I graduated with the desire to explore further in Immunology. After spending one more year at Chinese Academy of Science where I completed my research project that extended from my thesis, I went to the University of Alabama Birmingham to pursue my Ph.D. degree in Microbiology/Immunology. I worked in Dr. Robert Carter's lab on how B cells differentiate and mature, and how they interact with other immune cells upon the intrusion of pathogens. I graduated from University of Alabama Birmingham six years later with two peer-reviewed papers on the subject matter. At that time I hoped to apply my knowledge in basic immunology to bedside researches, so I decided to join Dr. May Han's lab that focused on neurological autoimmune diseases. It was then I got involved in CABS, and got to know about the career path of a patent attorney. With careful consideration, I went forward to pursue this career path. Three years ago, I graduated with a J.D. from UCLA and have been a patent attorney at Morrison Foerster since then.
Prior CABS Service
I started to get involved in CABS in 2010 as a volunteer. Then I became an EC member in 2011 and served the Social Life Committee and Office of Operation Committee. Over the past several years I have been serving as Chair of Office of Operation.
Election Statement
I hope to serve as the co-chair of Business & Career Development Committee for this term. I have always been passionate in facilitate platforms and programs that help more junior professional advance their career path. I myself have benefited from such programs (e.g., CAN program). My plans include putting together a series of professional development panels that focus on different career paths.
Yao Yu  余瑶
Senior Scientist
I am currently a senior scientist at Merck South San Francisco working on early-stage development of biotherapeutics. Before joining Merck, I worked at Adimab LLC in the Protein Analytics group for three years. I received my Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University in 2013. I am also a reviewer for journal mAbs.
Prior CABS Service
In 2019, I was given the opportunity to be part of the Biopacific Conference organizing committee and to make some contributions to CABS. I took the role to manage all the alliances of the 2019 conference. Alliance management is critical to the success of the conference. Maintaining a good collaborative relationship with alliances demonstrates our ability to make an positive impact in the biopharma field and among all the professionals. Our goal is not only to keep working with the current partners but also to discover new alliances. Managing all the alliances required quick response and attention to details. Under the guidance of President Dr. Wang and the conference Chair Dr. Tian, we successfully collaborated with 34 organizations including Biotech/pharma companies, universities, non-profit professional organizations, biotech incubators, law firms, and venture capital firms.
In previous years, I also volunteered for social events.
Election Statement
I have always enjoyed CABS’s events from workshops to the most important event of the year, the Biopacific Conference. This year, I joined the conference organizing committee and I was in charge of alliance management. I have learned so much through this precious experience and I wanted to learn and contribute more. I am writing to apply for the Alliance Management Committee (AMC). I did not have much experience managing alliances before but with the help from people in the committee; I was able to promote our conference to 34 alliances and received positive feedback from our partners. If I become a member of AMC, I will ensure the continuous collaboration with current partners and at the same time to identify opportunities to develop new alliances. The effective and successful execution of strategic partnership would present the best value for CABS while meeting the alliance’s goals. I will also work with other CABS committees to host events to better serve all CABS members and alliance.
Furong Yu  
Senior Research Associate
PhD degree in Biochemistry and Molecular biology, Currently hold senior Research Associate at UCSF, member of CABS since 2014
Prior CABS Service
Member of ICC,member of SLC
Election Statement
Wenming Zhang  张文明
Stanford University
Wenming Zhang received her Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the University of Southern California. She currently works at the Department of Medicine, Stanford University and does research in Allergology, Respiratory Medicine and Pulmonology.
Prior CABS Service
Election Statement
Jin Zhang  
• Investment director at Tsingyuan Ventures
• M.D. with Ph.D. training in Pharmacology
• Extensively experienced in developing novel biologics therapeutics
• Strong expertise in introducing and marketing products in the Chinese market
• Editor in Pharma Executive, The Pharmaceutical Consultant, etc.
• Successful track-record in project management and sales generation
• Leadership role in the local life science community
• Clinical experience in multiple therapeutic areas, including immunology, cardiology, and oncology
Prior CABS Service
Election Statement
Joe Zhang  
Stanford University
I am a Self-motivated cardiovascular and stem cell scholar with 10+ years of research experience in cardiac channelopathy and cardiomyopathy. I got my MD in China and a PhD in Physiology at the University of Otago in New Zealand, 2015. After graduation, I joined Stanford University to conduct my postdoc training in the field of induced pluripotent stem cell and cardiac genetics, molecular and cellular biology. I have published 15+ scientific articles, 10+ international conference presentations, and 15+ awards.
Prior CABS Service
CAN director
Election Statement
I am an active CABS member. Currently, I am the director of the Career Advisory Networking (CAN) program. My major responsibility is to invite mentors and organize CAN events. I have also contributed to organizing Biopacific conference. I look forward to contributing more to CABS.
Ken Zhang  
Sr. Principal Scientist
Pharmacyclics, An Abbvie Company
Master Degree: Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
PhD: Toyama Medical & Pharmaceutical University (Japan).
Post doc. in the The University of Tokyo (Japan) and Purdue University (US).
Sr. Scientist, Amgen.
Sr. Principal Scientist, Pharmacyclics, An Abbvie Company.
Prior CABS Service
2015 term: co-Chair of Social Life Committee.
2016 term: co-Chair of Social Life Committee.
2017 term: co-Chair of Social Life Committee.
2018 term: co-Chair of Alliance Management Committee..
2019 term: co-Chair of Science & Technology Committee.
Election Statement
Han Zhang  张晗
Sr. Project Manager
Senti Biosciences
I received my PHD degree in Genetics from University of Georgia after my Bachelor degree from Fudan University. After PHD, I became a postdoc at Stanford University. At Stanford, I was the Vice President of ACSSS (Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Stanford) and was in charge of the postdoc department from 2014-2016. Currently I am a senior project manager at Senti Biosciences, the next generation therapeutics company driven to create medicines that are programmable, controllable and designed to tackle even the most challenging diseases.
Prior CABS Service
I joined CABS in 2012 and became an active member since 2014.
In April 2014, worked with CABS BCD committee and ACSSS to co-organized a career workshop at Stanford "Career Path: Industrial vs Academic? US or China? Find Answers with Your Career Advisors". Four speakers were invited and more than 100 ppl attended.
In May 2014, worked with CABS BCD committee and ACSSS to co-organized a Job Search and Interview Workshop at Stanford. Five panelists were invited and more than 150 ppl attended.
Late 2014 -2015 served at CABS BCD committee and co-organized Career Fair with ACSSS at Stanford. Since then the career fair became an annual event and attracted more than 300 ppl every year to participate. Was awarded the "CABS President's Outstanding Service Award" in Oct 2015.
In 2016, worked with CABS Alliance Management committee and ACSSS to co-organize the startup competition in life science sponsored by Nanjing BioSciKin Co., Ltd (BSK).
In 2017, served at CABS Alliance Management committee and was in charge of promoting 2017 BioPacific Conference through partners, VIP night invitation and organization.
In 2018 and 2019, served at CABS Membership committee as Co-chair. Took charge of registration and logistics for New Year Party and BBQ. Worked as committee of 2018/2019 BioPacific conference. Recruited 60+ volunteers in multiple ways and built a wechat group to facilitate communication. Held on-site training for ~50 volunteers for various tasks and provided the following support to the conference on 6/23
- Registration of meeting attendees (>600 online + onsite)
- Hallway guides/door keepers/bell ringers/lunch help
- Speaker Guide/Microphone Support/Timing/AV Support/Panel Discussion
Election Statement
Sihong Zhou  
Sutro Biopharma
Graduated from Shanghai Medical School (Fudan University). Had more than 20 years' working experience in earlier drug discovery. Strong initiation and problem-solving skill. I had worked at bio/pharmaceutical companies such as Genentech, Exelixis. Currently, I am working at Sutro Biopharma as a scientist for 5 years. I have won many awards related to my professional jobs such as 2011 Spot Award to Recognize Excellent Performance at Sea Lane Biotechnologies. Exelixis Excellence Award for year 2007, 2008 and 2009. When serving at CABS, I won 2019 Extraordinary Leadership Award and 2014 Excellence Award.
Prior CABS Service
Life time member. I have been serviced as Social life committee co-chair for past 5 years. I had been responsible for initiating, planning and organizing all social events such as Chinese New Year Party, Summer BBQ, dragon boat race, ping pong tournament. I was also a member in CABS Biopacific conference committee responsible for the evening reception session. I led our group and always try to set a good example to inspire young professionals to serve in our organization.
Election Statement
CABS is a great organization that provides not only networking opportunity for the professionals, but also offers resources and expertise in a wide spectrum of technologies. I have been serviced as Social life committee co-chair for past 5 years. I had gained great experience on organizing CABS events, and same time developed my leadership skill. It would be my honor to continue to serve in this organization. Working together with other team members, I believe we will make future CABS well known only locally and internationally.
Huijun Zhou  周慧君
Doctor Chain
Dr. Huijun Zhou is CEO and co-founder of Doctor Chain and Dr. Zhou received her Ph.D. in molecular biology and genetics from Cornell University and completed her post-doctoral medical genetics training at the Stanford University School of Medicine. She is a clinical molecular geneticist, board-certified by the American Board of Medical Genetics.


2018 – present co-founder and CEO, Doctor Chain (Silicon Valley).
• Innovation of blockchain technology can lead to a new era of an interconnected pharmaceutical ecosystem that empower patients, researchers, and supply chain organizations to work together towards improving patient safety and quality of life. Doctor Chain is a global healthcare information platform that uses blockchain and AI technologies to facilitate secure health data sharing and enable the use of large-scale genetic data for public health and novel drug development. Doctor Chain’s secure and smart management of genetic and health data ownership will transform genetics and personal healthcare.
• Other activities in Silicon Valley:
o Program Chair, Chinese American BioPharmaceutical Society (CABS) Entrepreneurship Club
o Partner, Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (SVIEF)
o Advisor, OnePiece Innovation Incubator (Silicon Valley)
o Advisor, CTIC Capital
o Advisor, eChinaChem

2008 – present Founder and CEO, iDNA Inc (China).
• offers premium genetic services to Chinese consumers and serve as a trusted source for gene-based health management and life improvement information. We work with healthcare providers to develop tailored personalized medicine solution for their patients. iDNA also provides pharmacogenetic testing services for the clinical trial market, enabling pharmaceutical companies to develop safer and more effective medications in a cost effective manner.

2006 - 2008 Director of Pharmacogenetics, DNA Direct, Inc.
• Provide leadership for DNA pharmacogenetics division, developing and providing premium pharmacogenetics testing and consultation services which will help consumers and physicians use genetic information to select safer and more effective drug therapies

2002 –2006 Molecular Genetics Program Manager, SRI International
• Provide scientific leadership for SRI’s molecular genetics programand NIH/UCSF Pharmacogenetics Center on Nicotine Addiction Treatment. My research has been focusing on pathway-based genetic analysis of complex traits and diseases. I initiate collaborations, write research proposals, manage research projects and work with business development team to meet business objectives.
Professional services include:
• Planning committee for World Health Organization organizedHuman Variome Project
• Organize Global Pharmacogenomics Summit and outreach efforts for NIH Pharmacogenetics Research Network
• Serve in PGRN Knowledge Base Subcommittee and contribute to the development of PharmGKB
• Exam item writer for American Board of Medical Genetics

1998 – 2001​ Pharmacogenetics Program Director, Incyte Genomics, Inc.
• Provide scientific leadership for Incyte’s pharmacogenetics program. The projects that I have been responsible for are:
• Identifying genes and SNPs that are of pharmacology and toxicology importance. Working with laboratory and bioinformatics teams to develop Incyte’s ADME and drug target SNP databases.
• Designing and initiating collaborative studies to discover the association between SNPs and variable drug responses
• Evaluating and developing SNP discovery and genotyping technologies.
• Using DNA microarrays to profile drug induced gene expression
• Genetics studies in the aging, neurological disorders and cancer areas.

1995 - 1998 Fellow, Stanford University Medical Genetics Training Program and
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Department of Genetics, Stanford University
Advisor: Dr. Uta Francke
• Clinical training: Stanford Hospital Medical Genetics Clinics
• Clinical lab rounds: Stanford Hospital Molecular Diagnosis lab and Kaiser Permanente molecular genetics laboratory in San Jose.
• Eleven research publications in peer reviewed journals. Research projects: Candidate gene studies for cancer and neurogenetics disorders.
• Hands-on experience on molecular diagnosis for a wide range of human disorders in the clinical laboratory setting

1989 - 1995 Ph.D. student, Dept. of Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology, Cornell University
​ Advisor: Dr. John T. Lis

Ph.D. ​Molecular Biology, Cornell University 1995
B. Sc. ​Molecular Biology and Virology, Wuhan University 1988

1999 -​2019 Federal Accredited Clinical Molecular Geneticist
Prior CABS Service
Serve as program chair for CABS Entrepreneurship Club for the past two years
Election Statement
I hope to continue to serve as program chair for CABS Entrepreneurship Club. (It is not listed in the selection below, so I chose no preference)
Maggie Zhou  
Associate Scientist
I am currently working at Grail as an associate scientist. I got my Master degree in Biological Science and have been working in life science area for more than 20 years. Previously, I worked at Stanford University and Illumina.
Prior CABS Service
In 2018 - 2019, I am a member of Alliance Management Committee (AMC). I was responsible for collecting the Logos and Advertisements from sponsors for 2019 BioPacific Conference. From Nov. 2018 to Jun. 2019, I worked with all of our sponsors to collect the company’s logo and relative advertisements based on their sponsorship level. All of the information were transferred instantly and accurately, and presented in our 2019 BioPacific Conference Brochure.

I also serviced CABS as a volunteer for 2018 and 2019 BioPacific Conferences and other CABS events. In the past two Annual Conferences, I helped the Audio/Video service to ensure all presentations and panels were processed correctly and smoothly.
Election Statement
CABS is the largest and most active Chinese biopharmaceutical association in Northern America. They serve the biopharmaceutical community at bay area, and promote US-Sino collaborations in life sciences. I have had very happy experiences to serve CABS for the past years. Here I would like to elect CABS Executive Council (EC) to continually support CABS, to provide best valuable services to CABS events, and fulfill the mission of collaboration within the US-Sino life sciences industry.