The Chinese American Biopharmaceutical Society (CABS) is a non-profit organization with the mission of serving life science professionals through promoting interaction and collaboration locally and globally. Because of the serious concerns among our members about the escalating tension between US-China technology and trade exchange, and recent development in political rhetorics and policies that single out professionals of Chinese descent as threats to U.S. national interest, CABS would like to issue the following statements in solidarity with other communities.

Please see the links:
1. Racial profiling harms science
2. Committee of 100 Condemns Chinese American Racial Profiling

1) CABS respects U.S intellectual property law. CABS has provided and will continue to provide trainings to educate its members on intellectual property law.

2) CABS strongly condemns racial profiling targeting Chinese Americans or Americans of any ethnic group based on their ethnic heritage or national origin. Racial discrimination or profiling is inconsistent with American values and will in the long run only weaken American national interest.

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To SERVE biopharmaceutical professionals with professional interests in China and promote professional interactions locally and across the Pacific

To FOSTER business opportunities and exchanges in the life science industry between the U.S. and China

To PROMOTE public awareness of progress and development in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry

To COLLABORATE with other organizations in areas of mutual interest

The Chinese American Biopharmaceutical Society (CABS) is a non-profit organization for professionals in the biopharmaceutical industry. CABS is headquartered in San Francisco Bay Area, California. This is the home of the Silicon Valley, the birthplace of biotechnology and one of the largest biomedical cluster with the highest venture capital investment in the world. There are more than a thousand biopharmaceutical/biotech companies in this area, including several large biopharmaceuticals such as Amgen, Genentech and Gilead. CABS is a highly influential association with more than 3000 members and subscribers in the life sciences industry. About 70% of our members have PhD degree relating to life sciences. A considerable proportion of the members are holding senior research and management positions in American and multi-national life sciences corporations. Many of our members are experts and leaders, innovative entrepreneurs, lawyers and venture capitalists or investors in the life sciences sector. CABS is the largest and most active Chinese biopharmaceutical association in Northern America. We organize many activities to promote Sino-US collaborations in life sciences and to provide Science & Technology Parks and life sciences companies in China with an excellent platform to promote business and to recruit talent. In addition to year-round technology and business seminars, the annual BioPacific Conference organized by CABS is a highly anticipated event that attracts hundreds of biopharmaceutical professionals and business leaders.

CABS is helping members seeking collaboration opportunties in China

In recent years, China’s life sciences industry has been growing rapidly. Our members are interested in seeking collaboration and partnership opportunities in China. Many of our members are returning to China to start new businesses or assume important research and management positions. To further meet the needs of CABS members, we are actively helping our members seeking partnership opportunities in China in the following areas.

  1. To co-sponsor scientific conferences in biopharmaceutical field;
  2. To organize CABS delegations to visit science parks and life sciences companies in China for potential collaborations;
  3. To serve as a bridge between China and San Francisco Bay Area, to host introductory meetings and business promotion events for delegations of government, science & technology parks and high-tech companies in China;
  4. To invite leaders in Chinese biopharmaceutical industry to the United States for seminars/talks, especially for the annual CABS ‘BioPacific Conference’;

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北美华人生物医药协会(美华药协)是一个非盈利性的生物医药专业协会。该协会总部位于旧金山湾区,这里不仅是硅谷所在地, 也是生物科技的起源地及全球最大的生物科技重镇, 有逾千家大小型的生物制药公司,包括几家全球最有影响力的公司Amgen,Genentech和Gilead。我们协会是一个有三千多名成员组成的有重大影响力的生物医药专业协会。成员中70% 拥有生命科学相关领域的博士学位,有相当比例的成员担任美国生物医药公司高级研究及管理职位,不少是生命科学各领域的专家及学术带头人,也有勇于创业创新的企业家, 知识产权律师和风险投资人士。作为北美最大最为活跃的华人生物医药协会,及置身于生物医药第一重镇的独特条件,美华药协广泛开展促进中美生命科学相关领域交流,为中国的科技园区及生命科学相关产业提供一个理想的推介与吸引科技项目与人才的平台。 除我们经常举办的科技与商业研讨会之外,我们每年举办的 BioPacific Conference 太平洋生物大会已被视为生物医药界一个促进中美交流的主要活动之一,吸引来自美国和中国的数百名从事生物制药业的专业人士和企业领袖参加。



  1. 共同举办药物研发会议/大会;
  2. 派生物医药考察团携带创业项目考察各地科技园区寻求合作;
  3. 作为联结中国生物医药业与旧金山湾区生物科技业的主要桥梁,为来自中国的政府、科技园区及企业的代表团组织推介活动及商务洽谈
  4. 邀请中国生物医药业的领军人士来美做报告, 特别是美华药协举办的 BioPacific Conference 太平洋生物大会;
  5. 合作与赞助详情: 点击

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To serve biopharmaceutical professionals of Chinese heritage or with professional interests in China, and promote professional interactions

To foster business opportunities and exchanges in the life science industry between the U.S. and China

To promote public awareness of progress and development in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry

To collaborate with other organizations in areas of mutual interest

The Chinese American Biopharmaceutical Society (CABS) is a non-profit organization for professionals in the biopharmaceutical industry, headquartered in San Francisco, California. We have over 2,000 members and participants.
To fulfill our mission, we organize frequent activities, such as scientific and business workshops and social/networking events. Our flagship event is our annual conference, the BioPacific Conference, which attracts about 600 attendees from the U.S. and the Pacific Rim.
Any individual who supports the objectives of CABS and is willing to contribute to the achievement of those objectives is eligible for membership and will be admitted to membership in CABS upon completion of membership registration.

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